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Cloud Solution for Purchasing and Selling Creates Economic and Operational Benefits

Jul 17, 2013, 05:30 ET from FocusedBuyer LLC

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- FocusedBuyer LLC launches, an Internet-based buying and selling system designed to give small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits and public entities the ability to execute competitive e-Commerce. The business tool is an e-Procurement solution at a fraction of the cost without the complexity of packaged software installations.


Its disruptive features empower Buyers; deliver continuous sales leads to Sellers; laser target actual Buyers for directed advertising; and connect Users and their content via a single web-based platform.

Through this unique, expert system, business Buyers and Sellers can perform many vital sourcing tasks quickly and easily. Sellers can identify active Buyers. Buyers can engage current and future Sellers with requests for quotation and proposals, receive offers, negotiate, issue purchase orders and manage all buying activities. Both Buyers and Sellers can track contract performance, manage disputes and facilitate secure payments via the new win-win Precious® Payment settlement process. 

Other important features include online management approvals and oversight, line item detail analysis, invoicing and payables processes. The system easily captures overall spend, enables sophisticated project procurement management and facilitates centralized and/or decentralized transaction execution.

"Buying and selling is about matching buyer requirements with seller capabilities perfectly to create a binding contract for secure transactions with no surprises," said purchasing professional and FocusedBuyer LLC Co-Founder-CEO, Don Jean. "We have developed proven solutions to gaps in procurement software for 1) trading needs of small to mid-range companies; 2) bid cost accumulation and management for every size business; 3) visibility and engagement of diversity-owned companies; 4) failure of procurement cards and other solutions to capture specific line item details; and 5) complexity and lead times to connect and deploy a solution to highly decentralized organizations."

The process helps SMB's "buy and sell like a pro." It's simple, comprehensive and flexible.  Users register for free.  Registered buyers define, describe and specify what they need, when they need it, their terms and conditions and any other necessary requirements.  Registered sellers respond providing well-defined offers and can deploy optimum advertising placements.  There are no transaction fees for Buyers or Sellers.

"SMB's and many, many businesses are at a distinct disadvantage when they go to purchase the goods, products and services they need to operate. Whether it's manufacturing materials, indirect supplies and services to support operations, or capital equipment investments, can save them time and money. That's the bottom line," said Tom Middleton, FocusedBuyer LLC Co-Founder-COO.  " and the Precious® Payment settlement process provide the templates, the technology and the management system for every user to execute a sophisticated purchasing and payables operation." 

Jean and Middleton have decades of Fortune 500 purchasing, materials, operational, systems and financial experience. Jean led the BOC Group's U.S. supply management team and served as global director of procurement for the Ingersoll-Rand Company. Middleton managed group acquisition functions for Ingersoll-Rand and was in strategic sourcing with Deloitte Consulting and procurement for Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Together they have successfully managed $billions in procurement expenditures.

For more information, please visit or contact:

Don Jean
CEO and Co-Founder
908 265 9136

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