Following Newtown Tragedy, Inventor Takes Aim at Controlling Violence From Mental Illness

Donald Spector, Chairman of New York College, Files Patent Application to Track Medication Usage of Unsupervised, Mentally Ill Patients

Dec 20, 2012, 08:00 ET from New York College of Health Professions

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While millions mourn the victims, family and friends affected by the Newtown tragedy and politicians debate the same old arguments over gun control, action is being taken where it is needed most: on the mental health front. A new patent application, born out of this unspeakable tragedy, reminds us what America is all about: compassion, overcoming adversity, and innovation.

The new invention, developed by New York College of Health Professions Chairman Donald Spector, allows markers to be added to pharmaceuticals that can be tracked in the bloodstream of those that take them and transmitted to a monitoring program that keeps track of whether mentally ill patients, who are released from supervision on the condition that they take medication, are really taking them. One of the major problems in our society is that when patients start feeling better, they stop their medication; by the time their mentally ill behavior returns and is noticed, tragedy has often already struck. With growing numbers of psychiatric patients released with medication, this is becoming a massive problem.

Lisa Pamintuan, president of New York College of Health Professions, stated, "While particular emphasis is being placed on the use of psychotherapeutic drugs, the patent can actually include virtually any medication, including the monitoring of the elderly and others that simply should be properly dosed. It can also serve as a reminder to those who simply forgot to take their medication."  Spector foresees the eventual development of this technology into a smartphone application.

Said Spector, "Everyone mourns in their own way; for me, I find hope in trying to change the future and prevent these kinds of tragedies. The massive problems of our society in medicine, economics, and energy are not going to be solved by politicians; they will ultimately be solved by science."

New York College of Health Professions is a world leader in Holistic Health and Health Technologies. Its Chairman, Donald Spector, is one of the most prolific inventors in the world, having parlayed with his cousin the winnings of John Henry, the richest race horse in history, into a fragrance empire, which became a separate division of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (then known as Squibb). Spector, who has developed patents ranging from the first hydraulic exerciser to the hyperbaric chamber for seeds, and opened up billion dollar industries for many common consumer products, has also become a leading developer of computer apps. He developed location based advertising more than a decade ago and his patents are the backbone of one of the leading apps in the world.

New York College of Health Professions recently announced the development of acupressure clothing, wireless acupuncture patches, an LED system that can dramatically control contagion by disrupting DNA of the bacteria, and a new scope that will allow physicians to have biopsy and culture results in real time.

Pamintuan added, "While Spector is anticipating the transfer of over a hundred million dollars from his intellectual property portfolios to the College, we are in discussions with major institutions and corporations around the world to reduce this massive and growing technology portfolio to practice."

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