Following the Doctor's Orders Just Became a Little Easier

BodyMedia® Launches Enhancements to the SenseWear® System for Medical Professionals

Nov 03, 2010, 16:08 ET from BodyMedia, Inc.

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical Professionals play an important role in helping their patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, and research has shown that complying with their advice can help ward off serious medical conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. However, it's often difficult to understand and monitor a patient's lifestyle after leaving the doctor's office. BodyMedia®, the pioneer in body monitoring devices, is changing the way medical professionals and patients share important health data by allowing medical professionals to access and monitor important information about their patients' activities throughout the day.  

Introducing SenseWear®, BodyMedia's professional product line which now offers a smaller, more comfortable Armband and advanced monitoring technology. This launch represents the first time the consumer form factor is being sold as part of the SenseWear System both in the US and abroad.  

This international expansion is possible due to BodyMedia's ISO 13485:2003 certification, allowing BodyMedia to enter more international markets at greater speed and giving the company a significant competitive advantage over other monitors that cannot claim the same standards of quality, efficacy and safety to their customers. Different from simple pedometers, accelerometers or heart rate monitors, BodyMedia's multi-sensor technology automatically tracks patients' steps, calorie burn, physical activity duration and sleep.

Now with the launch of the enhanced SenseWear System, medical professionals have more proactive options for understanding and monitoring their patients' lifestyles which assists in the management of chronic health conditions. The system offers several features to increase patient knowledge by assessing important data collected through the latest SenseWear Armband, allowing medical professionals to develop customized patient goals and make recommendations on how patients can make important lifestyle changes to achieve their wellness goals.

  • SenseWear Armband – Redesigned to be smaller and thinner for comfortable use. Features a rechargeable battery. The new Armband collects data from four sensors and allows data to be tracked by time of day and annotated to provide additional context about the patient's recorded information.
  • SenseWear Software, 7.0 – The PC based software application uploads data easily from the SenseWear Armband and allows medical professionals to quickly review, comment and share the data, while also seeing how the body reacted to various physical activities throughout the day. Advanced features include detailed graphs and the ability for medical professionals to customize the collection rate of the sensors and set targets for physical activity. The data can also be exported to Excel or .csv for further analysis and research.
  • Patient Display Device – A Display for patients to see up-to-the-minute information on steps taken, amount of moderate and vigorous activity  and calories burned that offers immediate feedback when they have reached their daily goals is also available as part of the enhanced system.  

"Medical Professionals have long been a trusted source to guide patients to make healthy lifestyle choices," stated Christine Robins, CEO, BodyMedia. "We are excited about the role that the enhanced SenseWear System can serve as a cost-effective technology that arms doctors with vital information about their patients' health. The in-depth, clinically-validated data collected through SenseWear increases the value that medical professionals can offer in managing the care of their patients."

The SenseWear System is scientifically validated and featured in over a hundred peer reviewed papers. Visit for more information and for details on purchasing the system.

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