Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas is Proud to Present Works from its Collection of Maps and Historical Documents in the Exhibit 'El criollo en su reflejo. Celebracion e identidad, 1521-1821' at the Museo Franz Mayer

--The exhibit includes close to 150 pieces, among them paintings, letters, books, maps, ornamental art, and furniture from three collections: The Hispanic Society of America of New York; Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego/Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas, and the Museo Franz Mayer--

Oct 18, 2010, 19:29 ET from Grupo Salinas from ,Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Grupo Salinas and its cultural arm Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas ( are proud to present to the public important works from its collection of maps and historical documents in the exhibit "El criollo en su reflejo. Celebracion e identidad, 1521-1821," which is on display at the Museo Franz Mayer.

The exhibit is being presented in the framework of the commemoration of the Bicentennial celebration of Mexican Independence as a homage to the Criollos, the native-born descendents of Spanish settlers in Mexico, viewed through objects, works of art, documents, maps, and books that forged their vision and thought. The exhibit will be on display until December 12.

As a collaborative effort between The Hispanic Society of America of New York; Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego/Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas, and the Museo Franz Mayer, the exhibit presents 150 pieces belonging to these institutions. The exhibit is divided in four sections: 1) Imagining the world: constructing territories. 2) Reading, writing, representing. 3) Devotions and passions. 4) Living day by day. Preferences and customs.

"El criollo en su reflejo. Celebracion e identidad, 1521-1821" synthesizes the process of construction of Criollo awareness, of the feeling of belonging to a territory, which over time, contributed to the creation of a "Novo-hispanic" identity, the hallmark of an entire generation that would later stake out a claim for its own and specific rights.

Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas is an initiative of Mexican business leader Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego ( aimed at promoting and supporting culture as a fundamental value of Mexican society.

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Fomento Culutral Grupo Salinas is an example of Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego's commitment to support and promote culture as a fundamental value of  Mexico. Since 2001, the fund has promoted the preservation of Mexico's cultural heritage through projects that promote artistic creation, traditions and customs. It establishes alliances both inside and outside of Mexico so that Mexican art and history transcends borders to create bonds with new cultures.

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