Food University™: Hottest Culinary Entertainment Experience of the Year

Crowds, Advertisers Flock to Revolutionary Concept in Culinary Entertainment

Reality Show in the Works

Dec 01, 2010, 11:11 ET from Food University

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Move over, Giada. Step aside, Gordon. Standard issue celebrity chefs can't stand the heat as Food University™   becomes the top culinary entertainment experience of the year. Consumers are flocking to Food University, prompting an unprecedented doubling of its live national appearances. Major advertisers are lining up too, eager to connect with Food University's engaging appeal to a ravenous foodie public.

Food University is the next generation of culinary resource. Its mission: do away with the mystique and snobbery associated with cooking and wine and instead, make them more approachable and understandable to every American. Food University successfully connects with the public through its multiple outlets:

Created by Food Network Live veteran producer Rich Gore, the "faculty" features such respected chefs and television personalities as Sara Moulton, Mary Ann Esposito, Martin Yan, Claudine Pepin, Curtis Aikens and Caprial and John Pence.  Even the legendary Jacques Pepin has appeared.


At Food University, content is king, paired with an equal helping of entertainment. "Food University steps into the subtle yet important void left by Food Network and PBS," says Gore. "One offers amusement. The other provides education. Food University is the only one that offers both. It's the full meal people have been craving."

Gore knows the public is fed up with gluttonous Man V. Food type shows where the only fare is watching people eat. "Sticking food in your mouth and saying 'it's good' doesn't connect with an audience that wants to understand more about food," he explains. In addition, Gore says there's waning public interest for costly events featuring chefs who bring little to the table in terms of useful advice.

With his expert finger on the pulse of the food-as-entertainment market, Gore set out to "enhance the public's culinary IQ." Food University's "culinary missionaries" deliver meaningful food information. In comes live instruction on simple cooking techniques and understanding ingredients. Out goes the snob appeal associated with the culinary world. And there's no shoveling food into the chef's mouth just to watch them eat. Instead, the presentations provide inspiration to food fans, aspiring home chefs as well as cooking masters. "We're the Tony Robbins of food, empowering everyone to cook and understand a bit more about food and wine," says Gore.

Just as appealing: Food University's focus on affordable and healthy cooking -- vital components as the American public, coping with the economy, seeks alternatives to expensive meals and empty calories.


There's another reason for Food University's spectacular growth into a crowd sensation. It's free! Partnerships with a long (and growing) list of major advertisers allow Food University to bring its many offerings to the public at no cost. That's a powerful draw given the economy. The list of partners is impressive. After recently wrapping a five-city tour for Heinz's Classico sauce, Food University is now on a 20-city in-store tour with IKEA, presented by Family Circle magazine.  It kicked off with a live webcast that went viral on the Food University's web site.

On that topic, the heavily trafficked site is a top destination for foodies and cooking novices alike. It features frequently updated blog posts, recipes and interviews from Food University's star instructors.

Next up: the premier of Food University Healthy Recipe video series, in partnership with a soon to be disclosed major international company. The videos debut online next month.

There's also the planned launch of Food University merchandise and a full line of kitchen wear, including its red-hot green chef coats.

More blockbuster news: An award-winning Hollywood production company plans to bring a Food University reality show to primetime broadcast TV.  The spectacular leapfrog over typical basic cable niche programming solidifies Food University's mass appeal to the broadest of audiences.

Rich Gore and Food University's star instructors are available for interviews on this and other food related topics. Media contact: Marc Silverstein,, (202) 716-9123.

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