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CHICAGO, Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Food Channel® ( presents its 2012 Trends Forecast—the top ten food trends predicted for the coming year. This report is put together in conjunction with CultureWaves® (, the International Food Futurists®, and Mintel International (


For more than 20 years The Food Channel has uncovered food trends ahead of the curve. "These insights are serious business to us. We realize we are both reflecting what is happening, and influencing some future food decisions. While all the predictions this time of year are fun for foodies, we also know that they give those who make their living from food a competitive edge when it comes to what drives their consumers' choices," said The Food Channel Vice President and Editor in Chief Kay Logsdon.

The Food Channel Top Ten Food Trends for 2012

  1. Black Market Foods—Limited supplies of items to help drive up popularity.
  2. Inconspicuous Consumption—Spending quite a bit, but making it look like we're not spending much.
  3. Social Media: Finding Common Ground and Common Courtesy—Social media is mixing with restaurants with some tension on both sides.
  4. Shopping Schizophrenia—Welcome to the new balancing act when it comes to eating.
  5. Beyond Ramen Noodles—Colleges are being forced to provide a wide-ranging food experience.
  6. So THAT's What it Tastes Like!—Less sodium, fresher locally-sourced produce, and fewer smokers on premise means people are tasting ingredients as they were meant to be.
  7. The New Agri-Chef—Chefs who simply like to cook with what they've grown.
  8. Groovin' On Peruvian—Peruvian cuisine may be the next Big Thing on the ethnic culinary scene.
  9. Social Cooking—More cooking is being done outside as a social event.
  10. The Rise of the YouTube Chef—Everyone is their own food TV star these days.


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