Football Tailgate Groups Partner with Steakhouse Elite To Deliver Better Beef, Burgers and Franks

Partnership Offers Discerning Football Fans a Chance to Savor the Moment

Sep 17, 2013, 09:00 ET from Steakhouse Elite

NEW YORK and TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Tailgating is an honored American tradition, with hamburgers and hotdogs a popular choice for stadium-side cooks across the nation. Thanks to a new partnership between Steakhouse Elite®, makers of melt-in-your-mouth Kobe-Crafted beef products, football fans who attend home game tailgate celebrations with Big Blue BBQ at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and the What the Buc? tailgating team at Raymond James Stadium in Florida are about to discover a new taste sensation.

"Our Kobe-Crafted products are a cut above the standard burgers, ground beef and franks found at the typical tailgate," said Evan Wexler, a food service and meat industry innovator who joined forces with Ty Freeborn, a cattleman who specializes in North American Wagyu beef, to craft Steakhouse Elite® products for the discerning American palate. "Big Blue BBQ and What the Buc? take their tailgating seriously, working hard to deliver a delicious menu lineup for Giants and Bucs fans at home games, so they're perfect partners for Steakhouse Elite®."

Steakhouse Elite® can turn an ordinary tailgating event into a special occasion with beef products inspired by the legendary velvety texture and buttery flavor associated with Kobe beef. The brand uses Wagyu beef and traditional beef to create Kobe-Crafted products, setting a new gold standard for taste in the US for home cooks and tailgating pros alike. Steakhouse Elite®'s ground beef, burgers and franks are always fresh and never frozen to maximize flavor. The company's product line delivers both great taste and a lifestyle upgrade, which can enhance the fun and excitement of a tailgating celebration before the big game.

"We can't wait to see what the chefs at Big Blue BBQ and What the Buc? create using our Kobe-Crafted Steakhouse Elite® products," said Wexler. "These popular tailgate partners also offer an excellent opportunity for Giants and Bucs fans who like to savor the moment to try our specially crafted products, which are available in grocery stores for the home chef who wants to serve guests something really special without breaking the bank."

Big Blue BBQ and What the Buc? will be serving up delicious Steakhouse Elite® products at eight home games during the 2013 NFL season. Wexler and Freeborn hope the stadium lot chefs' delectable creations inspire fans to savor the moment with Kobe-Crafted beef products at their next home cookout. To learn more about Steakhouse Elite® and its lifestyle-enhancing products, please visit

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