For a Truly Memorable Prom Ensemble, Girls are Choosing NP Fashion Handbags

Prom is the biggest fashion night of the year for thousands of girls, and NP Fashion handbags are flying off shelves as they seek to complete their glam prom look.

Apr 26, 2013, 13:36 ET from NP Fashion

LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- It's no secret that spring's most fashionable purses and handbags always come from NP Fashion. The exciting prints and artistic designs of the renowned wholesale handbags retailer have captured the hearts of fashionistas of all ages. For this year's crop of fresh faced high school seniors, though, NP Fashion knows that spring couture always revolves around one major event – prom!

Today's high school girls are more style conscious than ever, with social media outlets allowing girls from around the globe to share their fashionable finds in a single status update. When a girl finds the designer-inspired bag that suit her personality and glamorous prom look among NP Fashion's collection of wholesale purses, you can bet she'll be sharing it in no time. With funky, artistic styles, exotic animal prints and any number of classically designed evening bags; it should come as no surprise that NP Fashion is so often the wholesaler of choice for girls planning their perfect outfit for the biggest night in four years of high school.

While NP Fashion carries elegant and intricately designed wares from belts to backpacks and even iPad cases, they have become frequently sought for their selection of handbags. Time and again, NP Fashion has proven to know exactly what sets a girl's heart aflutter. From wholesale rhinestone handbags in a variety of sizes and styles, to messenger bags in an incredible array or colors, NP Fashion provides quality bags and purses at prices that are affordable for merchants targeting chic high school girls and a bargain for glamorous women at any age.

An elegant designer dress can make any girl feel beautiful, but to truly dazzle, fashion-forward ladies of know that a full ensemble is an absolute necessity. That's why every girl remembers her first entrance at a gala event with an NP Fashion clutch bag carried delicately under her arm; the perfect accent to her own feminine beauty. On this year's prom night, the young woman carrying an NP Fashion purse will be the envy of every girl, as onlookers' heads turn to notice the girl who has put together a truly complete and utterly glamorous prom assemblage.

Prom is a thrilling time for high school students, and for designers and retailers, it's the perfect opportunity to ensure the most sought after fashion items are available on their shelves. With NP Fashion, those in the fashion and accessories business can ensure bustling sales among young girls eager to purchase and show off their newly purchased NP Fashion handbag. To discuss your transaction or to ask questions regarding a specific item, please contact NP Fashion. Customer service representatives are available via e-mail or phone to answer any questions related to products or shipping, 213-741-1711.

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