For Mom and Dad, Disney's Cars Land has Nothing on MPG Car Rental

Many families are heading to Disney's Cars Land this summer, and with MPG Car Rental, parents can ensure their kids learn important lessons about green driving.

Jun 07, 2013, 20:19 ET from MPG Car Rental

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer vacation is upon us once again, which means thousands of families will be making their pilgrimage to the tourist mecca that is Disneyland. Most recently, Uncle Walt's theme park added the impressive Cars Land to its stable of classic rides, inspiring a new generation to fall in love with motor vehicles. For parents, piling the family into a new Prius rental and heading to the park provides the perfect opportunity to illustrate the importance of energy efficiency – particularly easy when renting from MPG Car Rental.

Featuring incredible options like Volkswagen TDi rental, MPG Car Rental has proven to be Southern California's leader in green car rental. In fact, the premier car rental destination for green-minded drivers has recently solidified their position even further by adding the stunning and fully electric Tesla Model S rental to their fleet. As the winner of the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year award, it's no wonder so many people are finding green driving to not only be beneficial for the planet, but a thrill as well.

For kids, this summer's auto-inspired thrills will no doubt come from Cars Land, the $1.1 billion expansion of Disneyland's sister park California Adventure. The 12-acre area has been built as a replica of Radiator Springs, the fictional town from Disney's hit 2006 film Cars. It features Radiator Springs Racers, a racing simulator ride that uses the technology of Epcot's Test Track. The main attraction for many young ones is likely to be the opportunity to interact with the beloved anthropomorphized cars from the film like Lightning McQueen and Tow-Mater, characters who have earned the company well over $10 billion in merchandising revenue.

For eco-conscious parents, the hysteria over cars provides an excellent opportunity to teach their children the importance of hybrid technology, electric technology and biofuels. In fact, Cars 2, the 2011 sequel to the original film, even features a plot in which unscrupulous big oil investors attempt to thwart the use of biofuels in order to secure future profits. While much of this may fly over the heads of the youngest children, older kids are likely to be intrigued by the message, and with MPG Car Rental, you can fan the flame of environmentalism in your children.

Summer travel with the family should offer positive new experiences for the whole family, and MPG Car Rental helps those experiences involve the fun and earth-friendly options for energy-efficient driving. While the company offers an impressive fleet that focuses strictly on hybrid, cleans diesel and electric cars, perhaps what truly sets them apart is their commitment to helping reduce L.A.'s carbon footprint with affordable green alternative fuel solutions. Interested in learning more about MPG Car Rental and their diverse selection of hybrid rentals? Check out their options at, and remember, travel safely while limiting your carbon footprint this summer!

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