For Thanksgiving Tradition and Taste, it's the Heritage Black Turkey

The Black Turkey is one of America's oldest breeds and may have been at the first Thanksgiving.

Nov 12, 2013, 16:22 ET from Joyce Farms, Inc.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The turkey. It's synonymous with Thanksgiving -- much like gratitude, football and family gatherings -- and at the heart of nearly every Thanksgiving tradition.



This Thanksgiving, if tradition and food that has incomparable flavor and is raised naturally and humanely are important to you, there's one turkey that should be the centerpiece of your table -- Joyce Farms' Heritage Black Turkey.

Recognized as one of North America's original turkeys and as a Heritage Breed by the American Poultry Association, the Black Turkey was transported to Europe from North America in the 1500's and may very well may have been on the table at the first Thanksgiving. 

Joyce Farms, Inc. raises its Heritage Black Turkeys on small family farms in North Carolina following strict natural guidelines, which means they are grown slowly in the old-world tradition. They eat an all-natural, vegetarian diet and never, ever receive animal byproducts, growth promoters, hormones or antibiotics. And, they're treated in the most humane manner, raised outdoors in free-range, low-stress comfort so they grow up happy and healthy.

"We chose our breeders from only the finest lineage – bred for taste and tenderness over fast growth and low cost," explains Ron Joyce, Joyce Farms' President and CEO. "Our Heritage Black Turkeys are cleaned and prepared by hand, and are air-chilled to preserve the wonderful flavor, tenderness and perfect texture. Visually pleasing, they make a beautiful presentation at your table."

Available fresh or frozen from 10 to 20 pounds, the Heritage Black Turkey begins shipping November 18 and is available only in limited quantities at Joyce Farms' new online store (

For the upcoming holiday season, Joyce Farms is also making its Capon Roulade ( available through the online store. The French capon has all the bones removed and some excess fat and skin trimmed. It's then rolled and netted and is perfect for roasting.

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