For the first time, the English language television news channel of China Central Television is offering global viewers continuous coverage of the US Presidential Election results on November 6, 2012

Oct 25, 2012, 17:01 ET from CCTV America

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CCTV America will be on the air from new studios in Washington from 8pm to midnight US eastern time until the final Presidential results are projected. 

In contrast to American domestic broadcasters, CCTV America coverage will focus on the election outcome's impact on China and the world.        

In a unique presentation, CCTV News correspondents in ten cities: Beijing, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Havana, Nairobi, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Moscow and London will contribute to the broadcast.

In view of China's position as America's largest economic partner, special coverage will focus on the international financial and economic impact of the election results.

Coverage will be anchored in Washington by Mike Walter, tracking the election returns. Anand Naidoo will chair panels on politics and international relations.  Phillip Yin chairs discussions on finance, trade, and investment.  Elaine Reyes links Washington to ten global perspectives.

Among the experts featured on air and online during the evening will be:

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US National Security Adviser to President Carter  
Stephen Roach, Senior Executive Morgan Stanley and lecturer at Yale's School of Management
Alan Jay Lichtman, Professor of History, American University and author of Thirteen Keys to the Presidency and The Keys to the White House.
Kathy Kiely, former Managing Editor for Politics at the National Journal and current Managing Editor for the Sunlight Foundation
Douglas Paal, Vice President for Studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Laura Carlson, Director of the Mexico City-based Americas Program of the Center for International Policy and regular contributor to CCTV America.
Victor Gao, Director, China National Association of International Studies and former interpreter for Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping (on China-US relations)
Richard Fowler, Democratic Party strategist and local Washington radio talk show host.
Cheri Jacobus, Republican Party strategist and television commentator.

CCTV Correspondents Sean Callebs will report from the Romney campaign in Boston, Jessica Stone from the Obama campaign in Chicago, and Nina Donaghy will follow United States Senate and House of Representatives elections.

An important first for CCTV America and the English language news channel of China Central Television from Beijing, Washington and around the globe.  The US election coverage comes during an important political week for both the United States and China.  Two days later on November 8th, China continues its leadership transition process with the opening in Beijing of China 18th Communist Party Congress.  Full coverage available from Beijing on CCTV News.

In February 2012, CCTV America began contributing to the global CCTV News channel – launching programs – including CCTV America News, Biz Asia America, The Heat (a weekly talk show), and Americas Now (a magazine show focusing on Latin America).  

CCTV News is seen globally on cable and satellite in more than forty countries.

CCTV News can be seen in the Washington DC area on MHZ Network Channel 3, Comcast Channel 273, Dish TV Channel 265,
In New York the English news channel is available on Verizon Fios 277 and Time Warner Cable channel 134
In Los Angeles CCTV News is on Charter Cable 562 and Time Warner 155.

Check local cable and satellite listings for availability in other locations.

Programming may also be seen through

Excerpts are published to YouTube on the "CCTV America Channel"