For the household goods moving industry, new "Load it Once" modular system from Budd Van Lines is a game-changer

Patented system will reduce likelihood of damage by providing for significantly less handling of items

Will trigger dramatic productivity increase throughout $12.6 billion U.S. moving and storage industry

Feb 03, 2016, 12:00 ET from Budd Van Lines

SOMERSET, N.J., Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Each year in the U.S., more than 40 million people relocate ... and this will make things much easier for them.

Budd Van Lines has introduced an entirely new, patented system for the moving and storage of household goods. Designed specifically to address multiple, ongoing challenges in the household goods industry, the "Load it Once" modular moving system is a major leap forward in terms of overall customer service and the safe, efficient handling of goods.

Here's how Load it Once works: A truck with a custom-designed, fixed-frame accommodates two to four modular containers, each specifically designed for the moving and storage of household goods. Once loaded, the containers are sealed in front of a customer, then delivered to a warehouse facility. There, the containers are removed from the truck, with their contents still sealed within, and placed in storage. There's no longer the repetitive handling of goods – no small consideration, since during peak, summer moving season, at least 50 percent of shipments go into storage for some amount of time.

When it's time for delivery, the sealed containers are re-loaded on to the fixed-frame truck and delivered. It is the safest, most efficient relocation technology ever developed. Load it Once should not be compared with containerized, self-move programs for small shipments. The Load it Once 28-foot containers are designed specifically for executive moves accommodating up to 30,000 pounds and are equipped with hardwood flooring, all required moving equipment, and logistic ties.

Load it Once also provides greater accessibility to customers' residences. Drivers have the option of disengaging the trailer section of their rig – which then enables them to enter neighborhoods too confined for a traditional tractor-trailer.

This technology is remarkably valuable, considering that about one quarter of all shipments currently require shuttling via a smaller truck to reach the destination residence. This shuttling phase of a move can add thousands of dollars to the total cost, while the additional handling that's required increases the possibility of damage.  But with the Load it Once system and its patented draw-bar technology, the need for shuttling is completely eliminated.

The Load it Once system is also quite eco-friendly, thanks to its custom-designed power unit and the draw-bar connection to the trailer. When increased speed activates the draw-bar, it draws the units closer together, thus reducing wind-drag and allowing for increased fuel efficiency, a tighter turning radius, and overall safer operation.

"This product's a complete game-changer for the household goods moving industry," said David W. Budd Sr., Budd's CEO, who invented and patented the Load it Once system. "Customers will benefit dramatically from a far safer and more efficient method for moving and storing their personal belongings. It's a huge leap forward."

The new system will also provide tremendous business benefits throughout the $12.6 billion U.S. moving and storage industry, since a recent study indicates it will increase labor productivity by a remarkable 98 percent. For example, under the conventional moving process, it takes more than 100 man-hours to off-load and then load two 28,000-pound shipments. But with Load it Once, the entire process is reduced to a stunning 37 minutes. And while the conventional method would have tied up a driver for between three and five days, utilizing Load it Once enables a driver to gain 125 days a year to cover shipments, while still meeting all applicable hours-of-service regulations.

To fully appreciate the impact Load it Once will have, it's worth looking at the traditional, far-more-convoluted method of packing up and relocating a family's possessions. Without Load it Once, the standard procedure is to move all belongings from a residence into a trailer, transport them to a warehouse, unload the entire trailer, and then transfer all belongings into a storage vault.

Then, when the time comes for delivery, the goods are removed from storage and packed into another trailer, transported to the family's new residence, and then unloaded and moved into the home. Because of how many times each item needs to be touched, lifted, carried and put down again, the likelihood for damage is great. In comparison, a Load it Once move requires personal goods to be handled only twice – when they're moved into the modular container, and when they're removed from the same container.

"Considering what Load it Once enables us to do, I've already started to think of everything that came before as the 'Dark Ages' of moving," Budd adds."No one who utilizes this system will ever want to go back to the outmoded, conventional process again."

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