For the love of music, kick the Wi-Fi habit!

Aug 23, 2013, 10:00 ET from AudioQuest

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Using Wi-Fi to push garden-variety data around the house is fast and easy. However, the dirty secret about Wi-Fi is that for all its convenience it takes a toll and damages the sound. Even generic-Ethernet hardware-store Cat5/Ethernet sounds far superior to the most advanced and robust Wi-Fi connections. Preserving delicate audio data packets as they move through a home network so that they can be reconstructed as beautiful, inspiring music requires thought & care & respect throughout the entire network ecology.


AudioQuest's Ethernet cables comprise a holistic approach in which CAT600 (Cat6) and CAT700 (Cat7) bulk Ethernet cables are used for whole-house "electronic plumbing," while prepared (terminated) RJ/E cables – Pearl, Forest, Cinnamon, Vodka and Diamond – are used for shorter high-performance applications, such as moving audio data from an in-room network drop to a streaming DAC or network music-player device.

All of AudioQuest's bulk and prepared Ethernet cables feature many of AQ's most proven distortion-combating materials and techniques, including solid conductors, which completely eliminate strand interaction (the single biggest cause of distortion in cables), for clearer, more dynamic and involving sound.

Superior conductor metals with smoother surfaces minimize distortion by having fewer grain boundaries and impurities (such as oxides) at those boundaries. As with AQ's digital-audio cables, excellent sounding Long-Grain Copper (LGC) is the baseline metal, with successive models featuring increasing amounts of silver. Silver-plated copper for digital-audio cables is a cost-effective way to achieve many of the sonic benefits of 100% silver. The top-of-the-line RJ/E Diamond uses 100% Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS), AudioQuest's best and most seductive-sounding conductor metal … which, whether used in HDMI, USB or Ethernet always provokes an "ahh, thank you!" from listeners.

While there's so much good stuff hidden away inside all these cables, the extraordinary Telegartner RJ45 connectors on RJ/E Vodka and RJ/E Diamond are very much in one's face. These connectors use a patented combination of geometry and circuitry to minimize the inevitable impedance mismatch that occurs as a cable's 4 twisted pairs transition to a straight row. The scale of this performance difference is slap-in-the-ears obvious and indicative of the difference all connectors make.

Moving streaming digital bits from one place to another throughout a home is a relatively simple matter that can be accomplished with Wi-Fi or generic spool Ethernet cables. Honoring and preserving fragile digital-information packages in such a way that the data can be faithfully reconstructed into video that transports you and music that inspires you is the reason to choose AudioQuest's CAT600 and CAT700 bulk and RJ/E Ethernet cables. Please give our Ethernet cables a listen and hear how good your networked music can sound.

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