For The Term Of His Natural Life eBook App Garners American Success!

Nov 12, 2013, 14:25 ET from Lexicon Public Relations

LOS ANGELES, CA, Nov. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - For The Term Of His Natural Life, the classic story by Marcus Clarke connecting literature, history, and film into one has taken the country by storm, and been named one of the top interactive eBook tablet applications of 2013!

The eBook app, which since its American launch in May, has been covered by Yahoo! News, CNN,, Media Bistro, Levity Ball, Lucky Magazine, and countless other outlets, is excited to announce (just in time for the upcoming holiday season) that it is now available for a new special discounted price of $9.99.

Speaking on the success of the app, Patricia Payne, producer of the mini-series For The Term of His Natural Life, says, "I am thrilled by the amount of support the story has received here in America and that people are recognizing that the app platform provides a terrific opportunity to present this timeless tale for the tablet audience in a way never seen before."

Giving For The Term one of its highest ratings, backed up Payne's vision stating, "This novel in app form transcends the pages of its original form of publication to capture its audience not only with words, but also with images, videos and documents, bringing life to the story."

CNN further commented, "Everything is right at the readers fingertips and woven directly into the story, making it a seamless narrative, opposed to other books that just have "extra features". The app is a groundbreaking masterpiece sure to change the eBook landscape."

To see what all the hype is about, watch the app trailer via:

For the Term of His Natural Life app is available on the app store for the iPad, and the full movie version of the story is now downloadable on iTunes, while the DVD miniseries has just been released

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