ForaCare Suisse AG Launches Bluetooth Enabled Single-Device Smart Diabetes, BP Monitors

Sep 26, 2011, 20:30 ET from ForaCare Suisse AG

ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, September 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

ForaCare Suisse AG located in St. Gallen, Switzerland announced today the launch ofa Bluetooth enabledinnovative, smart single-unit devices for combined blood glucose and blood pressure (BP) monitoring.  One device, the Comfort Pro GD 40, is approved for use by medical professionals and the other, Duo Ultima D40b, is being made available directly to consumers.  Both the Duo Ultima D40b and the Comfort Pro GD 40 are validated as highly accurate by the Institute for Diabetes Technology (IDT).

The Comfort Pro GD 40 is validated according to guidelines of the IDT in Germany, while the Duo Ultima D 40 b has been validated according to the European Society of Hypertension-international protocol 2010.

It is well recognized in the scientific and medical community that people suffering from diabetes often suffer the co-morbidity of high blood pressure.  It is often difficult for patients to manage both medical problems due to the bulkiness and complications associated with using multiple devices to manage the conditions.  

"We are proud to offer these two new tools which continue the excellence of Fora Care technology by delivering smarter, faster and easier products that are highly accurate as well as budget-friendly," said Ty-Minh Tan, CEO of Fora Care.

The new consumer device, Duo Ultima D40b, makes it possible for patients to self-monitor as well as track their conditions to better control them.  There is significant evidence that patients who monitor their chronic conditions have better glycemic control, leading to improved therapy outcomes and lower risk of long-term complications.  

The Duo Ultima D40bthe Blue tooth enabled device may also used by medical professionals to provide measurement from an adjacent room, helping patients avoid "white coat" or unmasked hypertension.  The device provides a unique inflation technique that is more comfortable for patients when measuring BP because it uses an inflation mode to measure BP levels instead of the traditional deflation mode. Fora Care's BP and blood glucose meter guides patients and features easy-to-use technology include a built-in voice-read out talking function that makes monitoring simple and increases patient understanding of each important reading.  The device also features an easy-to-see read out on a big screen with large buttons. To accommodate patient needs for frequent testing, high usage batteries are also included with the unit.  The device is specially suited for use in telemedicine studies and for remote health monitoring.  

The professional model, Comfort Pro GD 40, provides a budget-friendly device that can facilitate a wide range of patient-type monitoring adjusting easily to accommodate newborns, children, adolescents and teens, adults and geriatrics.  Unlike traditional diabetes monitors used by professionals, the device provides accurate measurement without the requirement of a special temperature range.  The device's form factor makes it comfortable to use and it is well designed for versatility from the out-patient setting to the hospital bedside.  The device's back display has large, white digits making it easy to read in difficult lighting situations. Diabetes strips are easily removed from the device using a strip ejection function much like an ink pen.

Fora Care provides flexible solutions to bridge gaps among medical devices including glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, and thermometers to transmission gateways and the Internet-based backend system.  FORA technology has embedded wired or wireless modules (including ZigBee and Bluetooth) and provides corresponding home gateways to overcome transmission barriers that patients face with other telehealth technologies.  

Fora Care provides FDA cleared and CE marked innovative health monitoring devices that provide simple connection to the FORA system. For more information, please visit

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