Ford Launches The Ford Escape Summer Giveaway -

Summer is here and that means road trips & giveaways. Ford is announcing their "Summer Vehicle Giveaway", at Simply entering the sweepstakes will give a lucky winner the chance to drive away with the 2013 Ford Escape.

Jul 20, 2012, 16:04 ET from Ford

DAYTON, Ohio, July 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ford Escape Summer Getaway Sweepstakes are here for a limited time. By simply entering the sweepstakes a lucky winner will be driving away with the 2013 Ford Escape, equipped with new features to please every driver. Enter to win the 2013 Ford Escape with just a few simple clicks of the mouse and take a look at the all new features!

The all new Ford Escape has new features and is designed to be even more eco-friendly from the EcoBoost engines to the soybean seat cushions. The Escape is equipped with Active Grille Shutters, which help lessen drag by preventing air to travel through the radiator when closed. The new Escape is able to reach 33 highway mpg, making a sufficient use of gas when traveling.

The SUV comes with multiple safety features, making driving a little bit safer. The Escape has Stability Control that will sense when a vehicle is going too fast around curves and slow the vehicle down. The Ford is equipped with multiple airbags from various angles to protect the driver and passengers in case of a collision. Remember even with these safety features it is always a must to wear the safety belt.

The all new 2013 Ford Escape also offers fun new features to make a driving experience a little more enjoyable. With a simple kick under the rear bumper, the Escape's back lift gate will rise, giving a hands free feature, designed with an easy to press closing button.

The new key-less feature will eliminate fumbling for keys and allow the car to start just by having the key fob inside of the Ford. The vehicle can be started with a simple push of the pedal and button, another push of a button will put the vehicle in gear and ready to go without engaging the clutch.

To sign up for the Ford Escape Summer Giveaway, visit, events are also held at select locations, supplying a kiosk where participants can sign up. This sign up is a one step simple process that opens the door to owning a luxury vehicle.

These easy access features take the frustration out of driving and turn the experience into a pleasant one.

All of these features and more can be observed at the local dealership. It's time to go down and check out the Ford Escape in person. Don't forget to sign up for the chance to win the All New 2013 Ford Escape, to win the ultimate getaway.