Forecast report on the furnishings sector in Italy in 2013-2015

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Forecast report on the furnishings sector in Italy in 2013-2015


Summary: Highlights of this Report



The Forecast Report on the furnishing sector in Italy in 2013-2015 provides the preliminary results for 2012 and the forecasts for 2013-2015 in production, furniture consumption, furniture imports and exports, prices, competitiveness and foreign demand for the furniture sector.


In addition to the analysis and forecasts of the Italian furniture and furnishing sector, the report contains the results of a research project on the internationalization of companies in the furniture sector. The aim of this research has been to identify development opportunities for Italian furniture industry companies, describing growing markets, the strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities of current and future internationalization strategies. This project involved a sample of the sector's companies to which it was administered a questionnaire aimed to deepen these topics.


The research outlines the winning features of exporting furniture companies , provides a framework of internationalization strategies implemented by Italian companies and maps destination markets, assessing the degree of attractiveness


The forecasts for the trend are based on the econometric model, carried out by CSIL analysts, which employs more than 800 three-month historical series present in CSIL database, the scenarios prepared by the major European and international statistics and economic analysis institutes, and all the information on the sector gathered by CSIL by means of periodical interviews to companies, operators, retailers and consumers.


CSIL Forecast Report provides an updated and detailed picture of the furniture sector and the related outlook by highlighting the possible risk elements as well as the possibilities for the future. In particular, CSIL Forecast Report becomes a necessary tool when preparing a budget and its periodical revisions, when defining business strategies, controlling price policy, monitoring the market general trends and when it comes to make decisions on foreign markets.


For example, in the section dedicated to foreign trade, CSIL Forecast Report provides a fully detailed analysis on the Italian furniture exports divided by regions and district of origin, the foreign demand for Italian furniture, the international competitive system, the trend of the Italian competitiveness in a sample of countries, Italian furniture imports from the main foreign commercial partners and the trend of the average unit values.




Table of Contents




Summary of the forecasts



Forecasts on the furniture sector in 2013-2015




Foreign trade and analysis of competitiveness



Italian companies and opportunities in the global marketplace, 2013-2015


The internationalization of Italian firms

Italy as exporting country: a picture of 2012

The clusters of enterprises

The international context

The internationalizations' critical factors




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