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Jun 16, 2010, 02:58 ET from Gamesys Group

LONDON, June 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --

- Jackpotjoy Player Judyth B Escaped the Weekend's England Match and Enjoyed a GBP63,193 Win Instead...

Knowing that not everyone is excited by the prospect of a month of almost constant football, Jackpotjoy have put together a special Buy One Get One Free offer that runs during most of the South African tournament's matches. For full details on the offer please visit: 2a-4e15-b72c-565ffc6fe705

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This weekend one lucky winner walked away with a GBP63,193 Progressive Jackpot win in the site's 50p Diamond Room.

The big win happened at 9:47pm on Saturday night, which means that while the rest of the country were busy wishing Robert Green hadn't applied sun tan lotion while wearing his goalie gloves Judyth B, from the South East, was celebrating the kind of moment the seven year old site prides itself on.

"It's a great achievement," smiles head of Jackpotjoy, Adele Lawton. "We're really pleased for her!"

"To be honest, I had a feeling that one of our big progressives would go over the weekend," she says. "One of the exciting features of Buy One Get One Free offers is that they put more tickets into circulation, which increases the chance of a progressive win.

"At the moment, we're running four hours of BOGOF Bingo, across the site, every day, so you're going to see a number of very happy winners at Jackpotjoy over the next few weeks."

And there's no shortage of big Progressive Jackpots to choose from either. For more details on their current Progressive Jackpots please visit:

"One of the really unique features of Jackpotjoy is our focus on Progressive Jackpots - all our rooms offer the chance to win one. We do this because we believe they offer real value for money - they can be won at any time, by anyone; they can become really big, and the chance for a big win is there for every member, in every game, and that's really what Bingo is all about.

"This World Cup period is going to be interesting. Even after Saturday, we're still offering over GBP40,000 in Progressive Jackpots onsite and with the amount of BOGOF Bingo we're running as well I'd expect to see them won a few times over the next month.

"As much as anything, it gives us all something to hope for during the World Cup - we can't pin everything on England!" She says, before adding with a grin: "Although like our Progressives, the World Cup needs a winner and maybe this year ... well, just maybe ..."

BOGOF Bingo is available across all Jackpotjoy's Bingo Rooms twice daily, at 3pm and 7:30pm, and runs for 2 hours each time. For more details on this offer visit the site's promotions page:

Progressive Jackpot details were correct at the time of writing - please see the site for the latest totals.


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