Formation of "NTT Security", a Specialized Security Company

Jun 06, 2016, 04:00 ET from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

TOKYO and LONDON, June 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (abbreviated to NTT; Head Office: Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroo Unoura) is establishing "NTT Security Corporation", a specialized security company to deliver Managed Security Services (MSS) and specialized security expertise through the NTT operating companies worldwide. The services offered by NTT Security are based on NTT's advanced analytics technologies, threat intelligence and the security experts of NTT Com Security, Solutionary, Dimension Data, NTT Innovation Institute and NTT Communications.

For clients of all of NTT's subsidiaries, NTT will continue to increase investments in developing industry leading security solutions that support the entire security life-cycle. Through aligning its investments, NTT will accelerate its security value proposition with cutting edge technologies and services powered by global threat intelligence allowing clients to take full advantage of an integrated approach to security solutions as part of a wider set of technology services. These services will be taken to market globally, and client engagement will be managed by the NTT operating companies Dimension Data, NTT Communications and NTT Data.

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Summary of NTT Security 

  1. Corporate name: NTT Security Corporation
  2. Head of Office: Tokyo, Japan
  3. Capital fund: 25.5 Billion Yen
  4. Shareholder: NTT 100%
  5. CEO: Jun Sawada (Senior Executive Vice President, NTT)
  6. Number of Employees: 1300
  7. Schedule: Start operations on August, 1st, 2016
  8. Business summary:
    Offering specialized security services (consulting for governance, risk management, compliance and security system design, managed security services(MSS), threat intelligence and analytics)

NTT Security will be driven by matrix organization with Global Headquarters and 4 Region Headquarters of USA, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Japan to take the increased value to our customers of the best mix of global integration and local responsiveness to region specific requirements.

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NTT will appoint a team of experienced leaders to lead this new company;

Global Headquarters 

    Representative Director and           Jun Sawada
    President, Chief Executive Officer    Senior Executive Vice President of NTT)

    Director, Chief Operating Officer     Frank Brandenburg
    (COO)                                 (CEO, NTT Com Security)

    Director, Chief Administrative        Kazunori Yozawa
    Officer (CAO), Chief Compliance       (Vice President of MSS-TF, NTT
    Officer (CCO)                         Communications)

    Director, Chief Financial Officer     Martin Naughalty
    (CFO)                                 (CFO, NTT Com Security)

    Director, Chief Technology Officer    Mike Hrabik
    (CTO)                                 (President & CTO, Solutionary)

    Director                              Tsunehisa Okuno
                                          (Senior Vice President, Head of Global
                                          Business Office, NTT)

    Director                              Kazuhiko Okubo
                                          (Executive Research Engineer, Secure
                                          Platform Laboratories, Service Innovation
                                          Laboratory Group, NTT)
    Director                              Akitoshi Hattori
                                          (Senior Manager, Global Business Office,

Region Headquarters 

    USA Region CEO                        Steve Idelman*
                                          (CEO, Solutionary)

    USA Region President & COO            Mike Hrabik
                                          (President & CTO, Solutionary)
    Europe Region CEO                     Frank Brandenburg
                                          (CEO, NTT Com Security)
    APAC Region CEO                       Martin Schlatter
                                          (Director Security Services,
                                           Dimension Data)

    Japan Region CEO                      Kazunori Yozawa
                                          (Vice President of MSS-TF, NTT

*The term of Steve Idelman will expire on December 31st, 2016. Mike Hrabik will take up USA Region CEO on January 1st, 2017.

Company profiles 

Summary of NTT Com Security 

  1. Head of Office: Ismaning, Germany
  2. Foundation: 1993
  3. CEO: Frank Brandenburg
  4. Number of Employees: 840
  5. Business summary:
    Offering total IT security solutions/services (sales and maintenance of security hardware and software, consulting for governance, risk management, compliance and security system design, managed security services(MSS))

(NTT Com Security Web site)

Summary of Solutionary 

  1. Head of Office: Nebraska, United States
  2. Foundation: 2000
  3. CEO: Steve Idelman
  4. Number of Employees: 430
  5. Business summary:
    Offering IT security services (Consulting for compliance, security system design and security management, managed security services(MSS))

(Solutionary Web site)

Summary of Dimension Data 

  1. Head of Office: Johannesburg, South Africa
  2. Foundation: 1983
  3. CEO: Brett Dawson
  4. Number of Employees: 30,000
  5. Business summary:
    Offering total IT solutions/services in 58 countries all over the world (sales and maintenance of IT hardware and software, consulting, IT outsourcing, Cloud services, managed services)

(Dimension Data Web site)

Summary of NTT Innovation Institute 

  1. Head of Office: California, United States
  2. Foundation: 2013
  3. CEO: Nina Simosko
  4. Number of Employees: 40
  5. Business summary:
    Research and Development in cyber security, cloud computing, software defined network and other innovative technologies

(NTT Innovation Institute Web site)

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