Former 3-Time WCW World Heavyweight Champion's Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts return to Monday Night RAW on WWE

Jan 08, 2014, 14:56 ET from DDPYOGA

NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For wrestling fans worldwide, Monday Night's surprise appearance at RAW by Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) was a thrill. Dallas, who proudly walked out displaying his signature "Diamond Cutter," was as strong as ever considering he hasn't been in the ring since 2005. DDP is changing the lives of his fellow former - and in some cases, forgotten - wrestlers - as well as countless people looking to supercharge their health and fitness through his signature method DDPYOGA.

The final surprise of the night was the return of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts - after 16 years, no one thought they would see Roberts again - especially returning to the ring. In March 2012, Dallas saw that Jake was on a downward spiral with substance abuse and alcohol. Having rehabilitated himself from physical injuries sustained in the ring, Dallas invited Jake into his home, welcomed him into his family, and began to help him heal. Jake had stumbled and, like most addicts, fell off the wagon a few times, but with the help of Dallas and DDPYOGA, Jake is working out every day; he has re-connected with his family and is on the road to healing. Dallas has been an integral part of Jake's return to sobriety, family and now back to the world of wrestling.

Jake 'The Snake' is on a journey to a healthier life and is grateful for being given the strength and trust of Dallas. Hundreds of fans have flocked to the website to share their own stories of success - and most of all, to share how Dallas and Jake have inspired them on their journey of self-acceptance and health.

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