Former California State Fire Marshall Chief Ronny Coleman Supports The Safe Cig - An Electronic Cigarette Company Trying to Put Out the Fire and Save Lives

Aug 02, 2011, 06:00 ET from The Safe Cig

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Former California State Fire Marshal Chief Ronny J. Coleman, who has long been averse to smoking due to the associated dangers, believes that The Safe Cig electronic cigarette will be able to radically reduce the number of fires started by cigarettes and the disposal of smoking materials. Globally smoking is both a leading cause of fires and a leading cause of deaths as a result of those fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association an estimated $7 billion in the United States alone is spent on fire damage caused by cigarette smoking.

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"I am extremely excited about being able to work on this project. I believe it is a product that can have a direct and measurable impact on both fires and life saving in the United States," Coleman stated.

More alarming than financial loss, cigarette related fires kill over 300,000 people worldwide each year (Mackay J, Eriksen M, Shafey O. The Tobacco Atlas 2nd Ed. Brighton, UK: American Cancer Society; 2006). Despite these overwhelming statistics it is estimated that over 43 million people in the United States still smoke tobacco cigarettes.  

On May 31st, World No Tobacco Day, The Safe Cig –Electronic Cigarette published an open letter to the World Health Organization imploring smokers to recognize the electronic cigarette and its possibilities.

The Safe Cig's potential to decrease fires started by conventional cigarette smokers, and the social advocacy issues related to smoking, enticed Coleman to partner with The Safe Cig, and its current CEO John David Cameron. Cameron is no stranger to fire prevention and public education. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Fire Services Training Institute.

"The elimination of smoker caused fires is no trivial task. It consumes a significant part of the lives of fire investigators trying to piece together components of how a smoker had managed to kill themselves and perhaps others. It is also a key factor in health related uses that we have to respond to as emergency medical services personnel," Coleman said.

Despite being the CEO of The Safe Cig, Cameron said:

"I don't care what brand of electronic cigarette people smoke. If it has the potential to save lives, I hope people pick one up."

Cameron's sincerity has further enticed current President and Executive Director Michael S. Williams of the Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) to also endorse The Safe Cig as a way to reduce the financial and personal devastation caused by fires started by cigarettes.  

"Over 100 children are killed and thousands more injured in the United States from fires caused by tobacco cigarettes (Facts Compiled by Clean Virginia Waterways, Longwood University, Farmville, VA 2390). I have pledged my endorsement of The Safe Cig. Most people don't worry about fires until it affects them personally. Fire has forever changed the lives of hundreds of people who have had family members die from fires started by unattended cigarettes. A product like The Safe Cig reduces this threat because there is no combustion. This product has the potential to make sure far fewer individuals have to deal with the travesty of losing a family member or home from fire."

Despite the controversy surrounding such a product it would be difficult for even its advisories to deny that The Safe Cig can help radically reduce the monetary and emotional damage caused by fires started by cigarettes.

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