Former Governor Paterson Predicts New York Will Pass a Rare, On-Time Budget

Paterson Discusses NY's Budget On Gotham Talk Radio's First Broadcast

Mar 27, 2011, 16:51 ET from Gotham Government Relations & Communications

NEW YORK, March 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today on the premiere edition of Gotham Talk Radio's "In Your Face Politics," Former Governor Paterson made a prediction that New York will pass its first early budget this week, since 1983. Hosts David Schwartz and Brad Gerstman asked the former governor about this issue, on their first live-show.

"Now, faced with the responsibility of shutting the government down, the legislature went ahead and passed my budget extenders and it appears that this will enable Governors for decades to utilize a tool, so we will not be looking at budgets that went as late as August three times in 2001, 1997," Paterson said. "Then in 2004, we set a record-passing budget on August 11th. And I heard one of my colleagues, one I respect very much saying, 'suing this process is not good government.' It may not be the best government. The best government is when everyone comes to an agreement on April 1st. But letting the budget go into July and August as we have done over seven times in the last 15 years has certainly, agreeably got to be considered bad government."

The broadcast then went on to cover Wisconsin's Governor Walker and whether or not he should have taken the union concessions, among many other topics.

"We were thrilled to have Paterson join us as our first guest on the show," Gerstman says. "He's a great guy, and a really interesting guest. We're excited to have had such a stand-out show on our fist broadcast."

Brad Gerstman and Davis Schwartz are founding partners of Gotham Government Relations and Communications, one of New York's State leading full-service advocacy firms.

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