Former NuPGA Corporation Changes Name to MonolithIC 3D™ Inc.

Name Change Reflects Expanding IP That Covers Fundamental Monolithic 3D Semiconductor Technology

Mar 03, 2011, 14:00 ET from MonolithIC 3D Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NuPGA Corporation has changed its name to MonolithIC 3D™ Inc. The company incorporated in 2009 with the mission to develop better Programmable Logic technology with density, speed, and power approaching ASICs. As it developed an improved FPGA technology, the NuPGA team discovered a path for practical monolithic 3D ICs. Recognizing that this breakthrough and its many related innovations, represents a paradigm shift for the entire semiconductor industry,  MonolithIC 3D™ Inc. has changed its strategy to focus on monolithic 3D IC technology as a pure IP innovator organization. Changing the company name to MonolithIC 3D Inc. completes this strategic alignment.

MonolithIC 3D's patented technologies offer chipmakers an economical and efficient way to create semiconductor chips in vertical "stacks" of circuit elements that delivers a rich vertical connectivity 10,000 times better than the existing TSV based 3D stacking. The company's technologies have the potential to increase device speed, lower power requirements, reduce silicon area, and be cost competitive with traditional dimensional scaling. As conventional scaling has become more difficult and expensive to develop, 'scaling up' with monolithic 3D IC could allow the industry to keep the "Moore's Law" pace without breaking its back or its bank.

Zvi Or-Bach, founder of MonolithIC 3D, said, "When we achieved the monolithic 3D IC breakthrough and recognized its implication to the semiconductor industry, it was clear that I would have to put on hold my more than two decade pursuit of a solution for the FPGA/ASIC challenge and realign the company on what I now believe is going to be the next growth engine for the semiconductor industry."

The MonolithIC 3D team consists of semiconductor and semiconductor equipment industry veterans with deep experience in design innovation and enjoys extensive collaborations with researchers at Stanford University, Rice University, and other top level research organizations.  MonolithIC 3D has filed more than 30 fundamental patent applications that cover the basic technology as well as significant applications of 3D IC technology, thus paving the way for new types of semiconductor products.

"MonolithIC 3D's technology can enable older fabs to use 3D IC to successfully compete in the mobile tsunami market. My hope is that by empowering the older process nodes to create better devices and products, we can reverse the NRE cost trend and ignite the ASIC market and device innovation," noted Or-Bach.

SOURCE MonolithIC 3D Inc.