Fortune 500 CEOs Line Up For Consultancy Firm To Jump Inside Their Heads

Dec 01, 2015, 07:57 ET from Derwent Scotch

SYDNEY, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- What it takes to get to the top, and stay there, has been decoded and revealed. Decades of speculation and mysticism have been laid to rest. CEOs – the unique group of individuals portrayed as titans of the corporate world, masters of the economy, and political untouchables, are finally understood.

"We spoke to the faces behind the masks, the actors underneath the costumes, and the wizards behind the curtains," says Gianni Fracchia, Founder and Principal of Derwent Scotch. "In our unorthodox style of asking 'real' questions, we jumped inside the heads of the world's leading CEOs and took a seat in the top job to bring an exclusive view from their perspective – verbatim."

Published as a survey series, "A Seat at the Helm" reveals what the top job and journey entail. "At the Periphery" – the first publication released in the series, explores the role of CEO from an intrapersonal perspective. With findings encompassing the salient elements the top job entails, tolls on life balance, feelings towards compensation – a domain of great debate and scrutiny, and others, "At the Periphery" boldly introduces "A Seat at the Helm."

Drilling into the core, diving into the deep end, and delivering a perspective none dare explore, "A Seat at the Helm" invites its audience on a captivating journey. It is a journey that allows its audience to take a seat in the top job, and one that is reserved for those prepared to challenge and shatter conventional wisdom and unfounded perceptions, and appreciate the full gravity of what the role of CEO is really about.

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