Fostering Long Lasting Relationships with Clients and Consultants is Beneficial for Both Parties' Futures, Says Punch Communications

Dec 08, 2010, 09:00 ET from Punch Communications Ltd

LONDON, Dec. 8, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- If a rapport is struck between client and consultant and the effort is made to maintain the relationship after business together has ended, both parties often recommend each other's services or can find a way of working together in a mutually beneficial manner, says Punch Communications, PR, search and social media agency.

Social media spaces, such as the professional profile network LinkedIn, have enabled business people to stay in touch with ex-colleagues and those they have done business with easier than ever before. Logging into LinkedIn on a regular basis and keeping the profile area up to date at all times allows people to keep abreast of any of their connections' employment changes. Social networks assist business people to engage with large numbers of contacts; nevertheless, close business relationships can be difficult to establish and maintain. Email is the dominant communications vehicle in business and people have less time to meet for more traditional breakfast or lunch meetings, when tight relationships are formed.

Face to face contact is an important activity when fostering and maintaining a long lasting business relationship because it often leads to broader conversations. For those who have changed employment or their employee offers more services than previously, there is an opportunity to speak about company advancements and conduct business together again.

Keredy Stott, Senior Account Manager for PR, social media and SEO agency, Punch Communications, said: "When ex-colleagues or those who have conducted business in the past catch-up on their current work, opportunities arise, such as recommending clients or even assisting each other. Meeting in person is always beneficial but it can be difficult to find the time when a lunch meeting isn't linked to current business. However, you never know when a friendly chat will open the doors to new business so ongoing relationship building is a key aspect of any company's future."

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