Founder Chairman Nestor C. Buenaflor of Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech and Its Marketing Division Protein Reactor (OTC: PRCF) Announces the Start of Beer Production and Marketing of Its Own Brand "PROTEIN BEER" in Cooperation with "VENUS BEER" of China

Jul 14, 2011, 08:00 ET from Protein Reactor Combined Fuels Inc

HONG KONG SAR, China Region, July 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- (OTC: PRCF) – Founder Chairman Nestor C. Buenaflor of Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation ( and its Food & Beverage Marketing Division Protein Reactor Combined Fuels Inc (OTC: PRCF) ( announces the start of production and marketing of its own brand of beer, "PROTEIN BEER", inside of the China Region in cooperation with the manufacturer of China's "VENUS BEER" and "WEALTHY BEER" brands.

China Region Managing Director Mr. Jiao Zhimin said "this is the start of a new product line of beers that will be enjoyed by the China Region Consumers and they will be delighted with this product line because we will provide them with a new beverage concept that is not only for beer drinkers but for their extended family and friends also."

Mr. Yan Fuquan, the General Manager of Shanxi Jinxing Beer Co., Ltd said that, "with our acquisition of the Hebei beer company near Beijing more than a month ago, known for its beer brand 'WEALTHY BEER', has allowed us to have new beer production facility for increase production capacity to accommodate the production scheduling of the 'PROTEIN BEER' brand of our U.S. cooperation partner Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation." Shanxi Jinxing Beer Co., Ltd. is known for its beer brand "VENUS BEER" and statistically the 4th largest beer manufacturer in China with respect to revenue.

"PROTEIN BEER" brand production is strategically set in 3 China Provinces namely Shanxi, Henan, and Hebei for cost-effective logistical structure where products distribution across China is less costly. This structure makes the products pricing competitive in the China Market and internationally.

China is a US$50 Billion beer market space. "Our entrance with our own brand 'PROTEIN BEER' in this approximately US$50 Billion beer market space in the China Region is a good positioning since we are expecting revenue not only from old concept beer consumers but also from our new concept line of beer products which are Healthy Beverages. Our add value in introducing our own brand – "PROTEIN BEER" – in this market space is its Healthy Concept that will naturally expand the beer market coverage. Because of our Healthy Concept we will not be competing with other known beer brands but will create our own market space which is an augmented consumer market," disclosed Nestor C. Buenaflor.

Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation together with a Hong-Kong based company will oversee the production and marketing of "PROTEIN BEER" in the China Region under the supervision of Mr. Jiao Zhimin and Mr. Yan Fuquan.

The China Region beer market size has been projected by researchers to grow to the size twice that of the beer market of the United States of America in 2015.

"An expected stable operation in the China Region will hasten our International Distribution target where we are now preparing a multi-national coverage. We are aware that going head-to-head with big brand names is a heavy task yet since we are offering a new concept of products, we will not be in competition with these known big brands and we will just naturally grow according to the dictate of the world consumers that prefer to drink New Concept Beverages Products along the line of products with healthy effect value," explained Nestor C. Buenaflor.

The global market of beer is estimated to be US$300 Billion "As a player in the International Beer Market scene of US$300 Billion is a huge task but it is an exciting venture since we will see a different perspective of market expansion and development of new opportunities where statistical variables can be different from the traditional ones that are used by economists who are monitoring the growth of the beer industry. This might mean that a new analysis of market size might show-up where larger financial figures will be seen, very much larger than the estimated US$300 Billion total global revenue," added Nestor C. Buenaflor.

"Our own beer recipe with Health Benefits will play a pivotal role in the re-focusing of market analysis and this is due to the ushering of new beverages offerings for the general global consumers," concluded Nestor C. Buenaflor.

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