Founder of Green Nicotine Loses Grandmother to Tobacco-Related Illness

Mar 10, 2011, 05:00 ET from Green Nicotine

TUCSON, Ariz., March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Prevention. A word which has become synonymous with smoking-related deaths. Unfortunately for Sean Schoepflin, preventative measures came too late to save his Grandma, Mary, who died last week from what the American Cancer Society calls "The number one preventable cause of death in this country."

Traditional tobacco use may have claimed the life of Grandma Mary, but Schoepflin, a former smoker himself, is the President and CEO of Green Nicotine, a company which holds the distinction of producing the world's highest quality electronic cigarette. The company has developed a loyal following of E-cigarette believers, who have all made the choice to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.  

Although she had not touched a tobacco product in years, Schoepflin recalls "Grandma Mary would often say she wished Green Nicotine had been around when she was smoking," he continues, "My electronic cigarettes, which are smokeless, would have saved her from the tar and carcinogens that traditional smokers are exposed to." It is this personal loss which has motivated Schoepflin to continue to bring the technology of Green Nicotine to smokers nationwide.

Along with the unfortunate death of Grandma Mary, the young founder has a number of family members who are currently suffering from tobacco-related illnesses – some of whom may not live to see next Christmas. "It is a shame what Big Tobacco has gotten away with - how people in my grandparent's generation were led to believe smoking was "cool" and harmless."  

At the heart of Schoepflin's company is a desire to change the habits of traditional tobacco users, including heavy users, "skinny" smokers and even the casual user - like Michelle Case, of Tucson Arizona. Michelle, by her own admittance is a social smoker, only lighting up after a cocktail or two, she confesses that "once the novelty of smoking while I had a few drinks wore off, I realized I was addicted – if only for those few hours."

Before becoming a Green Nicotine customer, Michelle, like so many other tobacco users, believed that smoking only really affected her budget – and that smoking socially had little effect on her health – but Schoepflin argues that certainly is not the case. "Yes…Green Nicotine E-Cigarettes save you money over traditional cigarettes - but it's not only about the money!" He points out that "Green Nicotine e-cigs provide smokers with the look, taste, and feel of a cigarette without all of the harmful effects associated with them." His Green Nicotine Starter Kit is the perfect solution for any traditional tobacco user looking to make the switch. It includes two rechargeable lithium ion batteries, four cartridges (equivalent to 8 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes), and a wall charger.

So it is with this recent loss that Sean Schoepflin is choosing to reaffirm his commitment to educating smokers about the long term benefits of E-cigarettes and his company, Green Nicotine. "As smokers, we never stop and realize what kind of damage we are doing to ourselves and those around us.  We are so addicted, that we don't stop to realize how long and painful a death associated with traditional tobacco can be."

Whether you are a social smoker, a heavy user or a committed quitter, Green Nicotine offers you the best alternative available to traditional smoking. "I have created the world's highest quality electronic cigarette because of my personal life experiences.  It is my mission to continue to make a difference in this world and put a dent in the death toll associated with traditional tobacco smoking."  Grandma Mary would most certainly be proud.

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