Founders of Cisco's Intellishield™ Reconnect To Create ICS Cyber Security Company NexDefense

Jan 14, 2014, 09:00 ET from NexDefense, Inc.

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cisco's Intellishield™ offering (formerly LogiKeep, Inc.) founders, Derek Harp, Michael Assante and Mike Sayre, today announced they have reunited to create NexDefense, Inc., a provider of cyber security solutions for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in critical infrastructure.

While serving as U.S. Naval officers, Assante and Harp theorized that traditional military intelligence models could be powerfully applied to an organization's ability to stay ahead of network security threats. So, they co-founded LogiKeep to do just that in 1997. Early in the venture, they hired Mike Sayre, who brought extensive financial and business operations experience to scale the company. Rapid growth was followed by the company's sale.

With 14 more years of independently starting and growing security and technology organizations under their belts, the three reconnected to co-found NexDefense, which will focus on solutions to protect critical infrastructure, especially in energy.

"Our critical systems rely upon industrial automation and control systems that have been developed over decades," said Michael Assante, Co-Founder of NexDefense. "Many began as standalone networks with little need for ICS cyber security. Over the years, the growing need for data to improve the efficiency and reliability of those processes required integration with data collection and analysis systems never contemplated in their original design. Today, sophisticated adversaries are capable of hacking their way into those networks. Owners of industrial systems understand the challenges, but have few tools to work with. NexDefense is building their toolboxes and contributing to community efforts to empower the defenders of control systems."

NexDefense,, acquires and develops pro-active cyber security technology products and services specifically for ICS in critical infrastructure.

"The societal, business and personal opportunity to lead NexDefense in the mission to make our world a safer place is simply outstanding," said Mike Sayre, Co-Founder, President & CEO.

"Having been involved with more than a dozen start-ups as founder, advisor, or investor I know that the quality of the team is the most essential factor for success. To that end, Assante and Sayre are, without a doubt, two of the very best individuals I have ever had the privilege of working with," said Derek Harp, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. "We each bring our own set of complimentary skill sets, knowledge and relationships with which to contribute to a great company – especially in this industry."

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About NexDefense, Inc.

NexDefense brings top industrial automation and cyber security expertise together to forge pro-active next-generation industrial cyber security solutions that help protect critical infrastructure, including providers of electricity, natural gas, water, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petroleum-based products.

NexDefense founders' backgrounds include founding the network security intelligence company LogiKeep, whose flagship product is now Cisco's Intellishield™; Chief Security Officer (CSO) for AEP, a Fortune 200 energy company; CSO for North American Electric Reliability Corporation; creating the National Board of Security Examiners and the ICS security curriculum for the SANS Institute; and decades of related security, technology and business experience. Read more about us here:

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