Fourth Largest Non-Profit Hospital System in U.S. Reduces Energy Consumption and Costs by 20% With New Technology

AmiciMPTS significantly reduces hospital energy costs and carbon footprint

Feb 18, 2016, 08:30 ET from AmiciMPTS

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The fourth largest non-profit hospital system in the U.S. has installed AmiciMPTS, a new and proven electricity efficiency technology, into two of its hospitals in Colorado and successfully reduced their monthly electricity costs by 20%.  The hospital system is purchasing up to 25 additional systems for installation in hospitals in Colorado, California and other locations.

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"We're very pleased to see that our MPTS technology reduced energy consumption and costs by 20% in the hospitals," said Joshua Macciello, President of AmiciMPTS. "We are confident that MPTS technology and equipment at each hospital will provide considerable savings and operational efficiencies for many years to come."

The cool, cleaned and conditioned power generated by MPTS (Maximum Power Transfer Solution) is important for four primary reasons: (1) It reduces total electrical power consumption by 20% to 40%; (2) It increases the useful life of connected electrical devices by up to 20%; (3) It reduces peak demand and thereby reduces the cost of electric power from the utility power grid; and, (4) it significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the facility using the technology.

The results of the MPTS four-month test at just one hospitals showed that the reduction in energy use was equal to:

  • Eliminating 160,532 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eliminating 173,371 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
  • Eliminating 78,213 pounds of coal burned in coal power plants
  • Decreasing the consumption of 8,194 gallons of imported oil
  • Installing 1,905 CFL energy-saving lightbulbs 
  • Eliminating the need to plant 1,867 tree seedlings that would have to be grown for ten (10) years

MPTS is a proprietary technology that creates cool, cleaned, conditioned electricity, which eliminates electrical power waste during the operation of equipment that uses inductive loads, such as transformers and motors. MPTS does this by instantly identifying changes in electricity flow and activating a dynamic and integrated response to the way in which the electricity is used.

"No other power technology uses the patented approach of MPTS," said Macciello. "Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a similar technology that provides a facility with the same return on their investment. Typically, a $200,000 investment in MPTS equipment returns $100,000 to $200,000 per year in savings. With an estimated lifespan of approximately more than ten years, MPTS equipment is perhaps the best investment that can be made by a hospital, or any other commercial enterprise and government facility.

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