FourTwelve Foundation: Mediated Agreement Reached in Josh Hamilton/"Play Hard, Pray Harder" Slogan Dispute

Jul 29, 2013, 16:09 ET from FourTwelve Foundation

ANAHEIM, Calif., July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Josh Hamilton—the All-Star right fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim—has agreed to a mediated resolution of a trademark dispute with a Dallas-based entity over rights to the slogan "Play Hard, Pray Harder."

In mid-2012, a Raleigh-based company called ScriptureArt launched a line of clothing inspired by Hamilton's life and testimony. This line included t-shirts carrying graphical designs of the message, "Play Hard, Pray Harder"—a phrase Hamilton began using in 2006 to help in his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In 2008 Hamilton began incorporating the phrase into talks in which he encouraged others in their walk with God.

Hamilton's intent was always that any royalties from sales of the clothing licensed by ScriptureArt would provide additional support for his charitable FourTwelve Foundation.

In December of 2012 both Hamilton and ScriptureArt were sued by an entity calling itself "Play Hard Pray Harder LLC" over use of the phrase. Both sides eventually agreed to mediation and the settlement will allow both parties to move forward and avoid a costly court battle.

Hamilton said, "In the spirit of Matthew 5:39­­­­­­­–40, I have settled the lawsuit over the commercial use of the phrase 'Play Hard, Pray Harder,' a phrase I've used regularly since 2006 and publically since 2008. We will continue to look for creative ways to generate additional support for the FourTwelve Foundation." 

Regarding the mediated agreement, Hamilton said, "I'm happy to have this distraction resolved so the FourTwelve Foundation and I can move forward in our mission of helping and encouraging others."

Josh Hamilton's FourTwelve Foundation makes grants to organizations engaged in providing assistance to people in need both here and abroad.


SOURCE FourTwelve Foundation