Frbiz Evaluates 2010 Non-Fluorine Inverter Air Conditioner Market

Jun 07, 2010, 10:00 ET from

BEIJING, June 7 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, evaluates the 2010 non-fluorine inverter air conditioner market.

With the new standard of energy efficiency formally implemented, all air-conditioner's energy efficiency ratings have shifted from the existing five levels to a newer three-level rating. In addition, energy efficient air-conditioning subsidies will prolong for one year, that is from June 1 this year extended to May 31 next year, but on June 1, the amount of subsidies will also benefit from the original 300-850 yuan down to 150-250 yuan.

Under the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards context, the air-conditioning industry can expect a surge for popular non-fluorine inverter air conditioners. Frbiz estimates that under the government regulations, and with strong promotions, this year the market shares of non-fluorine inverter air conditioners is expected to grow 20%.

With the global economy to accelerate its transition to green energy, low carbon and saving-energy concepts are ever more popular in people's lives. In the air conditioning industry, low carbon and saving-energy has become the industry's leading development trend. With the new energy efficiency standards in effect, more energy saving fluorine-free inverter air-conditioners ( will draw on the market expansion opportunity.

It is understood that, as the development trend of energy-saving air conditioners continues, Haier air conditioning constantly changes according to consumer demand in the market, and it uses its strong R&D strengths, relying on differences in management, to introduce non-fluorine inverter air-conditioners with significant energy savings.

Currently, low-carbon energy products have become the mainstream in the market, and non-fluorine inverter air conditioners, by virtue of the unique advantages of high efficiency energy-saving features, are leading the market trends.

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