Frbiz Evaluates Washing Machines

Jan 29, 2010, 10:00 ET from

BEIJING, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, evaluates washing machines.

Haier Impeller XQB60-Z918 -- Reference Price is 1,329 Yuan

The Haier XQB60-Z918's simple design with super special washing function, is now available for around 1,329 yuan. During the Spring Festival it will sell hot.

The Haier XQB60-Z918's appearance uses the most common white box design, and with its transparent roof, allows for easy observation of the cylinder washing process. The design is very intimate.

Its washing function, in particular, is of a very high standard. Eight kinds of programming design, many of which are high-end fuzzy control and a very stylish barrel dry, make the cleaning process more effective.

In addition, the design includes barrel-use and basin-type impeller design, and the formation of bow-tie water holds up clothes to avoid direct friction between the clothes and water flow; an effective method for clothing care.

Haier Inverter Roller XQG75-B1286 -- Reference Price is 5,988 Yuan

The Haier XQG75-B1286 collects the current washing machine industry's several major trends: 7.5kg of high-capacity, frequency conversion motor, health and cleaning functions, plus the design that has long been favoured by many consumers, so frbiz expects that it will be very popular.

In the washing process, this machine is equipped with the current industry's most popular fast washing function, washing, self-cleaning and other procedures, and it's design makes it more popular.

It is worth mentioning that XQG75-B1286 uses a joint GE S-Drive core frequency drive system, driving method and the motor structure to achieve scientific and technological innovation, from the outside-driven upgrade to the core drive. To achieve seamless smooth running and super quiet functions.

Samsung's Original Drum WF8804CPA -- Reference Price is 4,990 Yuan

Samsung WF8804CPA has an 8kg washing capacity, and the original imported drum. The price is less than 5,000 yuan which is very favorable.

Samsung's WF8804CPA has an appearance that continues Samsung's usual exquisite design, uses a pure white design, and front-control panel design is suitable for embedded-style installation.

The washing procedure, in particular, is equipped with Samsung's proprietary silver ion washing procedure, washing and final rinse, it will enable Samsung's unique "Ag +" generator, which can be ionized out of silver ions in the water, killing bacteria to achieve bacteriostatic purposes.

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