Frbiz Reports Glyphosate Market Has Bright Prospects

Jan 15, 2010, 10:00 ET from

BEIJING, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, reports that the glyphosate market has bright prospects.

In 2009, glyphosate prices remained in the doldrums for the whole year. In 2010, raw material price increases are leading to an obvious increase in glyphosate prices. At present, export prices for glyphosate jumped from around 20,000 yuan / ton or so to 24,000 yuan / ton; raw material price increases are the main reason for glyphosate price increases. It is forecasts that in 2010 April and May month, the medication peak season, glyphosate there will be a considerable room for price increases.

Glyphosate is mainly produced from two kinds of glycine and IDA; other raw materials include glycine, dimethyl phosphite, paraformaldehyde, iminodiacetic acetonitrile, diethanolamine, phosphorous acid, liquid caustic soda, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and hydrochloric acid. Recently the basic chemical raw material prices have risen: yellow phosphorus went from 11,000 yuan per ton to 17,000 yuan, chlorine from 800 yuan per ton to 1,600 yuan, and sulfur prices rose more than 10 percent, which directly caused the increase in the price of raw glyphosate.

Although the price of glyphosate is increasing gradually, enterprises' economic efficiency has not increased, indicating glyphosate price increases have had a serious impact. Although glyphosate prices has been affected by raw material prices, Frbiz predicts that glyphosate prices will recover in a stable fashion.

Frbiz analyzes that with the Chinese and international economies gradually recovering, glyphosate products ( ) will have bright market prospects.

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