Free GED Retesting Offer Extended Through August 2013

Popular "Second Shot" testing offer will help more adults pass GED test

Jun 04, 2013, 15:17 ET from GED Testing Service

WASHINGTON, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- GED Testing Service recently announced that the popular "Second Shot" testing offer will be available to adult learners through August 31, 2013. Thousands of adult learners across the country have taken advantage of this computer-based testing offer and are one step closer to passing the GED test.

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"We created the 'Second Shot' campaign earlier this year because we saw that adults were passing at higher rates and finishing faster on computer than on paper," said Nicole Chestang, executive vice president at GED Testing Service. "We are excited to extend this offer to help test-takers get one step closer to better-paying jobs and college training programs."

Since the launch of the Second Shot campaign, GED Testing Service has given out more than 2,000 vouchers to GED test-takers. This offer provides a second shot for a population that often becomes discouraged if they do not pass east test subject on the first try. Through August 31, 2013, any adult who chooses to begin their GED test on computer will receive one free retake if they fail. In addition, adults who began their GED test on paper are eligible to receive a voucher if they live in a state where computer- and paper-based test scores can be combined. 

"Extending the offer also allows adult learners in large states that have recently launched GED testing on computer, such as California and Texas, more time to take advantage of this program," said Chestang.

GED testing on computer provides many new benefits to test-takers, such as 24/7 online registration and scheduling, instant unofficial score reports, and a more self-paced testing experience. To-date, GED Testing Service has delivered more than 100,000 computerized GED tests and adults are passing at higher rates, more likely to retake a failed test, and finishing faster on the new delivery platform. A recent GED Testing Service analysis revealed that the pass rate for adults testing on computer was 88 percent compared to 71 percent on paper.

Additionally, the "Second Shot" offer will help adult learners finish the 2002 Series GED test which is ending on December 31. GED test-takers who have started the 2002 Series GED Test, but not finished and passed every section, have until the end of 2013 to do so. Otherwise, their scores will expire, and they will have to start over again with the new 2014 GED test.

States are currently offering the GED test on computer to prepare for the 2014 GED test, which will be delivered on computer. Offering the test on computer before January 2014 allows testing centers and adult learners to become familiar with the new system.

For adults interested in taking the GED test on computer or to learn more about the "Second Shot" offer, please visit

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