Free Gillware Software Helps Small Businesses Avoid Catastrophic Data Loss

Jan 27, 2010, 08:00 ET from Gillware Data Services, LLC

MADISON, Wis., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Experts at Gillware, Inc., a leading data recovery firm, noticed an alarming trend among small businesses – a significant number are not backing up their Intuit QuickBooks™ files which contain their most critical financial information.  Over 90% percent of small businesses rely on this popular accounting software and nearly 70% have no backup system or one that doesn't work properly, according to industry experts.  Millions of businesses without proper backups are at risk; 93% of businesses will close after a catastrophic data loss which costs the US economy over $18 billion annually.

To help prevent catastrophic financial data loss for small businesses, Gillware Data Services is providing a free service for backing up QuickBooks data files automatically and securely.

"An $18 billion loss is significant for something so easily avoided by using the right technology," explained Gillware's Scott Eganhouse.  "We feel we can put a real dent in that figure with high participation in our free offer.  While some business owners choose decent solutions, they lack the technical wherewithal to configure and monitor their backups and don't realize they have a problem until it's too late.  Our recovery lab gives us great insight in creating a product that addresses data backup failures our competitors aren't even aware of."

"Our service doesn't require the client to locate and tag their QuickBooks file or have any additional IT expertise.  This takes the burden off the business owners who are busy trying to run and expand their business," explained Eganhouse.  "While most business owners agree that backing up their data is important, the statistics don't lie.  Small businesses don't back up their data properly and it will end up costing many a lot of money and inconvenience and others will have to close their doors."

"We are trying to change that in a meaningful way," he said.  "The strengths of our service are automation and security.  Most people are comfortable with online banking, your financial institution certainly is; Gillware Data Services Remote Backup is far more secure."

Small business owner Dana Ripp of DRE Media, a Madison, Wisconsin media-buying agency, learned the hard way: "I thought I had a reliable back up method, but I lost all of my QuickBooks and Outlook data for the entire year," said Ripp.  "We went back to our external hard drive and it was corrupt too.  So for the past year I thought I was completely protected.  Boy was I wrong."

Now she is using Gillware's free online service and is impressed and relieved.

"The most valuable lesson I learned is to have a remote, outside source backing up my data," Ripp said.  "You can't lose with the free back up program Gillware offers."

Participating in this program is easy and fully supported by Gillware Data Services.  Start protecting your financial data now by visiting  In less than five minutes you'll be protected.   And the best part is that it's free.

To learn more visit or contact Gillware Data Services, or 877 624-7206.

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Gillware Data Services, LLC, is a best of breed remote backup service provider providing business grade backup software and services.  It is an affiliate of Gillware Inc., a leading data recovery lab based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Gillware Data Services was founded in 2007.  Its client base ranges from the consumer to the large enterprise user. Their products are available through CPA's, select resellers and directly from Gillware.

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