Free International Conference Calling for 30 Countries revolutionizes conference calling by opening access to 30 countries.

Dec 02, 2010, 14:03 ET from United Conferencing

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Doing business internationally just got easier thanks to's new free international conference call service. Small business owners in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and 24 other countries can now use free teleconferencing with local conference call access numbers to manage their overseas business relationships.

While much of business has transformed into a global merry go around of design it in London, make it in China, and sell it in the US, one aspect of getting business done has remained stubbornly parochial: conference calling. Participants being unable to call internationally into a conference bridge are one of the biggest reasons calls are delayed or end up being canceled. has solved that problem by offering free international conference calling with local access numbers in 5 continents.

"We're in Los Angeles, our partners are in London, and our product is in Australia. Getting everyone together on a call was incredibly difficult, and we are all telecom companies," said David Schofield CEO of Hometown Telecom. "United Conferencing was born out of that frustration. We looked for a conference calling service with local access numbers in all those countries. When we couldn't find one, we built it ourselves."

Unlike many free conference calling services, United Conferencing uses normal landline access numbers in the majority of its countries instead of premium rate numbers. It is the first company in the United Kingdom to offer free conference calling through a regular London landline (020 3347 7777) instead of an 08 number which charges 5p per minute. Even if you don't need to make an international conference call, you can still save your business big money by switching your local conference calls to a free service with normal landline access numbers.

The company uses instant reservationless conferencing technology that does not require you to sign up or schedule the call ahead of time. A call organizer picks a unique 6 digit access code and shares it with all the participants. Everyone calls in at the same time from around the world, enters the same access code, and gets placed in a conference together. "You don't even need to visit our website to use our conferencing system. Just pick a 6 digit code, and have everyone call one of our access numbers at the same time" said Schofield.

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United Conferencing is a joint venture of Hometown Telecom, Mediatel, and OneClarendon. Our free conference phone numbers include USA: 415 484-7100, UK: 020 3347 7777, Japan: 03 4580 0235, Hong Kong: 5808 1825, Toronto: 647 722-5570, Mexico City: 55 4770 7348, Switzerland: 0435 080 780. See all 30 international conference calling access numbers at

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