FREE Online Showing of "Bitter Pill" America's Most Comprehensive Film on Health Care

Called better effort than Michael Moore's "Sicko"

Oct 30, 2012, 08:21 ET from Dr. Vivek Palavali

FLINT, Mich., Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Vivek Palavali, M.D., who regularly performs medicine's most intricate and complicated neurosurgeries, dissects America's sick health care system in a new documentary film titled "Bitter Pill".

Now, the world may view it FREE online at  For one day only, November 1, 2012, anyone may view this critically acclaimed movie absolutely free!

Mr. Ron Shinkman, editor of Fierce Health Finance, called Bitter Pill, "A better effort than Michael Moore's investigation of the healthcare system, 2007's 'Sicko.'"  A leading authority on health care issues in America, Shinkman went on to say, "It is far more matter-of-fact, lacks its smug self-satisfaction and isn't silted with propagandistic stunts," in his comparison to Moore's film.  Ironically, Dr. Palavali practices medicine in the Flint, Michigan area, Moore's hometown.  "I have tremendous respect for Mike Moore, but my approach to this important issue is much different," Palavali said.

Palavali, a celebrated neurosurgeon, has produced this new film that diagnoses the disease that is destroying the American health care system.  In the movie, Dr. Palavali does a comprehensive global examination of health care to uncover the deep rooted cancer that is responsible for our nation's sickness.

"I find it unconscionable that the US spends $3 trillion annually on health care, yet millions of Americans are uninsured and sick," said Palavali.  "The people in Europe for example spend far less, yet their citizens are healthier and live longer," he added.

Dr. Palavali was responsible for every aspect of the film's production, from actually shooting the video himself, conducting all the interviews, doing the research and directing much of the work in post-production.  This fact filled and entertaining film was produced while the doctor also maintained a full time surgical practice!

Dr. Palavali is available for interviews to discuss his new movie and share with your audience the solution to saving health care in America in everyday language.  His approach to this controversial issue is candid and compelling.  Dr. Palavali is realistic however relative to his career goals, "As much as I enjoy making films, I have no plans to give up my day job," Palavali said.

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SOURCE Dr. Vivek Palavali