Survey Reveals Lib Dem Supporters Are Most Romantic

Feb 10, 2012, 09:00 ET from

LONDON, February 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

A survey by dating site asked users how positive or negative they were to Valentine's Day, and combined their answers with anonymised data from their dating profiles.

A statistician built a model from the data, which predicts someone's attitude to Valentine's Day, based on a variety of commonly-held personal attributes (as found in a typical online dating profile).

One of the strongest predictors is political persuasion, along with how politically active that person is.

Liberal Democrats are particularly positive to Valentine's Day - along with lawyers, Christians, and women who don't read books.

Both Tory and Labour voters are particularly negative to Valentine's Day, beaten only by atheists and scientists. Married men looking to cheat on their wives are marginally more positive than Tory and Labour supporters.

Other findings include:

  • Women overall are significantly more enthusiastic than men, nearly 10% so.
  • A strong interest in any political party, other than the Liberal Democrats, is linked to a decreasing interest in Valentine's Day.
  • Whether or not men are religious is highly polarizing, with Christians and Catholics being amongst the most positive, and Atheists and Agnostics being amongst the most negative.
  • Occupation is virtually irrelevant - unless you are a lawyer (extremely positive) or a scientist (extremely negative).
  • The more serious a relationship someone is looking for, the more pro-Valentines they are.
  • Women who read books are more negative than those who don't.
  • Effect is cumulative, meaning that where two or more attributes are combined, the effect is magnified accordingly. So a non-believing Tory scientist would be especially unlikely to entertain Valentine's Day.

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