FreedomWorks for America Congratulates Scott Walker on an Epic Wisconsin Recall Victory

Jun 05, 2012, 23:08 ET from FreedomWorks for America

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- FreedomWorks for America activists and taxpayers celebrated Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's hard-earned recall election victory last night, which was launched by Wisconsin Democrats in response to Walker's bold fiscal conservative public sector union reform. The reform bans collective bargaining for public employees (outside of law enforcement and fire-fighting) and allows for the payment of union dues to be voluntary.

"Governor Walker's recall victory marks a monumental shift in the relationship between public sector unions and the Democratic Party," commented FreedomWorks for America's Campaign Manager Josh Eboch. "With union membership plummeting by the thousands thanks to Governor Walker's voluntary due-payment policy, the Democratic Party can no longer rely on compulsory union money to win elections and cater to the corrupt special interests of union bosses."

"We hope this victory will empower the Governors in other states who have been too timid to tackle serious reform on issues like collective bargaining and school choice. Scott Walker in Wisconsin is a lesson to Governors nationwide that if he can take on the entrenched public sector union political machine and prevail, so can they. Members of FreedomWorks for America and fiscal conservative voters around the country will support these reform leaders and make sure they get rewarded at the ballot box."

Eboch continued, "Governor Walker's recall battle in Wisconsin is without a doubt a litmus test for the presidential general election in November, and a tribute to a larger national political shift towards greater economic freedom and individual choice. The Walker reforms are working. Statewide property taxes have fallen, the reforms have saved taxpayers more than $1 billion so far, and 73% of employers in the state have predicted moderate to good growth at their companies. With the national unemployment rate at 8.2 percent and CBO predictions that the federal debt will double in 15 years, the President should be taking notes from Governor Walker."

FreedomWorks for America activists were involved in the fight to protect Governor Walker's reforms since day one, setting up 18 distribution centers across the state to circulate materials through their local networks. Over 5,000 yard signs, 3,500 bumper magnets, and 50,000 door hangers have been distributed to the homes of voters across the state to-date.

FreedomWorks for America organized the demand for materials on the micro-site,, where activists could request boxes of additional voter education materials and view several pro-Walker web videos.

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