FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Barry Hinckley in the Rhode Island Senate Race

Sep 25, 2012, 11:15 ET from FreedomWorks PAC

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- FreedomWorks PAC endorsed Barry Hinckley in the Rhode Island Senate race, following in-depth discussions with Hinckley and a detailed look at his record. FreedomWorks PAC believes Barry Hinckley is the clear choice for voters who support free markets, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally-limited government.

Barry Hinckley is an entrepreneur who founded an online employment recruitment company and grew it into a multi-million dollar firm.

Executive Director of FreedomWorks PAC, Max Pappas, commented, "As someone who built his business from the ground up, Barry Hinckley knows what it takes to create jobs and grow the economy. He's not a career politician, he's a businessman and an innovator who will bring rational ideas into a Senate currently mired in politics and bureaucracy."

Pappas continued, "Hinckley's opponent, Senator Whitehouse, seems to think that America can tax and regulate its way into prosperity. In contrast, Barry Hinckley understands that jobs and economic growth come from individuals who are able to take risks and innovate, free from the shackles of government intervention." 

FreedomWorks PAC has also endorsed the following U.S. Senate candidates: Jeff Flake (Arizona), Connie Mack (Florida), Ted Cruz (Texas), Richard Mourdock (Indiana), Tom Smith (Pennsylvania), George Allen (Virginia), Dan Bongino (Maryland) and Josh Mandel (Ohio).

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Jackie Bodnar 

SOURCE FreedomWorks PAC