Launches Sites In Spanish And German

In a bid to make an impact on the European market, launches and to help bring Spain and Germany into contact with its more than 4 million users.

Jul 26, 2012, 09:18 ET from

LONDON, July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With the launch of two new sites, continues its trend toward specialised service for local markets, including local payment options and Spanish- and German-speaking support staff, within its growing global community of small businesses and independent contractors. Since its recent acquisition of Scriptlance on July 9, now boasts a thriving user population of over 4 million worldwide, solidifying its position as the largest online outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace.

The launch of and comes at a time of flux for European economies. In Germany, businesses are looking to as a tool to modernise the way business is done and extend the reach of small businesses into the global arena. In Spain, some 50% of young people are unable to find work through traditional channels, leaving many Spaniards disillusioned with both the Spanish government and the EU. CEO, Matt Barrie is optimistic that his company can help turn things around. "There is now a real opportunity to take the creative ideas of Spain's youth and turn them into businesses. It is young entrepreneurs who are leading the world's technological and business innovation, and Spain's youth should be at the forefront of that drive."

The business world is changing quickly, as the internet allows new players from emerging economies to compete with well-established entities on a global stage. It's an exciting time, and CEO Matt Barrie believes is up to the task of ushering Spain and Germany into the new era. "As the largest marketplace of its kind, could help transform the way Europeans do business," says Barrie. "We're witnessing a revolution in business and labour market practices that, according to former US presidential adviser Alan Blinder, is unlike any since the Industrial Revolution."