Freephone2phone Announces Unlimited, Free 10-Minute Long Distance and International Calls to Over 50 Countries.

Simply Dial a Local Access Number. No Sign Up, Make Calls Anytime.

Nov 23, 2010, 13:46 ET from Freephone2phone

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans can now pick up their landline and mobile phones and call most telephones in the world for free.  Based on the success of its public beta, Freephone2phone, Inc. ( has increased its service offer so any US resident can make unlimited, free 10-minute calls in the US and to telephones in over 50 countries.  Unlike Skype, Vonage, Google Voice or magicJack, no sign up is required, neither is computer access or any special equipment.  Freephone2phone pays for its calls with a 10-second ad played prior to each call connection.  To use Freephone2phone, you simply:

  • pick up your landline or mobile phone
  • dial a local access number
  • listen to one or two ten-second ads
  • then make free, unlimited calls up to 10 minutes to landlines (and some mobiles) in over 50 countries.

There are three billion phone calls a day in the US, paid for on a bundled or per call basis.  Freephone2phone has opened up free calling for this market.  Prior to Freephone2phone's offer, free calling was primarily restricted to computer-to-computer voice connections through software supplied by internet telephony providers.  With Skype or Google Voice, for example, you cannot pick up your landline or mobile phone to make free international calls.  Freephone2phone has changed the notion of what "free calling" means.  You can now pick up your everyday phone, save money and call the world.

On its web site, Freephone2phone publishes over 160 local access numbers to immediately place calls from cities throughout the United States.  To learn more and to find your local access number to place calls immediately, please visit

About Freephone2phone

Freephone2phone is an ad-sponsored telecom provider.  It's based in New York City and has a management team with extensive experience in the media, advertising and telecom sectors.  For more information, please visit

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