Fremont Insurance Helps Homeowners Avoid Spring Break-In Season

A Pre-Vacation Plan Promotes Peace of Mind on the Road and Back Home

Mar 27, 2013, 08:00 ET from Fremont Insurance

FREMONT, Mich., March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Winter's worst has settled into Michigan over the past several weeks, but many homeowners are already looking forward to the warmer weather and making plans for their annual Spring Break.  But it's not only homeowners that are making plans, thieves are also looking forward to Spring Break week, but taking a vacation is the last thing on their mind.  In fact, Spring Break week presents a perfect opportunity to break into a home when no one is around to interfere. 

"In the United States, a home is burglarized every twenty seconds," said Kurt Dettmer, vice president and chief marketing officer for Fremont Insurance.  "We just want to make sure that homeowners avoid leaving clues of their absence which can create targets of opportunity for thieves."

Fremont Insurance encourages homeowners to be aware of the risks of leaving their homes unattended for an extended period of time and to take appropriate precautions to protect their homes while they are away including these ten simple steps.

  1. Equip doors and windows with deadbolt locks.  Remember to secure second floor and basement windows and garage doors as well.
  2. Create a "lived-in" look with timers on inside and outside lights.
  3. Arrange for a neighbor or friend to pick up your mail and other deliveries daily, or put them on hold.
  4. Leave a car in the driveway, or ask neighbors to park there while you are away.
  5. Have them also use your garbage/recycling containers as well.
  6. Make arrangements to have the exterior of your home maintained as well including mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, depending on the weather at the time of your trip.
  7. Avoid leaving clues like notes on the door, or voicemail messages indicating how long you will be gone.
  8. Social networks are great for posting vacation photos for friends and family, but you should be aware that sharing plans about upcoming vacations can be a tip to thieves that your home will be unoccupied.
  9. A trusted house sitter, or someone that can at least check on your home from time to time, is always a great idea.
  10. Call police immediately if upon your return you find evidence of a break-in.  Don't enter the home as there is a possibility that an armed burglar could be inside.  Also don't disturb any potential evidence.

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