Fremont Insurance Tips: Dryer Safety

Oct 26, 2011, 11:39 ET from Fremont Insurance

FREMONT, Mich., Oct. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a recent study from the U.S. Fire Administration, residential clothes dryer fires were associated with 12,700 fires nationally, resulting in 15 deaths and 300 injuries annually.  Clothes Dryers may seem harmless, but failure to provide proper maintenance can have deadly results.  Avoiding a dangerous situation is actually pretty easy in most cases, just think air flow.

"A significant build-up of lint can block the flow of air, which can result in excessive heat which can result in fires," said Kurt Dettmer, vice president of marketing for Fremont Insurance. "Failure to complete simple maintenance such as minor cleaning is the leading contributing factor for clothes dryer fires in homes."

Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid creating a dangerous situation.


  • Clean the lint screen and compartment and brush off any remaining lint every time you use your dryer
  • If you use fabric softener or any product to reduce static electricity, wash the screen in warm soapy water periodically to eliminate film buildup that restricts air flow
  • Inspect the screen for even lint distribution and tears, and replace immediately to prevent overheating or lint passing into the duct and restricting air flow
  • Do not open the lint panel while the tumbler is in operation


  • Inspect the duct, dampers, and access covers for damage
  • Clean all removable parts and make sure they operate freely
  • Vacuum the duct to remove excess lint buildup  
  • On the unit itself, wipe down the blower, drive motor and thermostat
  • Check the belt tension and condition and replace if worn or cracked


  • Beware vapors that could ignite when heated
  • Don't dry items that have been cleaned or soaked in gasoline, dry cleaning solvents, vegetable or cooking oil, machine oil or anything containing wax or chemicals such as mop heads and cleaning clothes or any flammable or explosive substances
  • Do not operate your dryer if it is smoking, grinding or has missing or broken parts
  • Disconnect electrical power or close the gas shut-off valve
  • Disconnect electrical power or close the gas shut-off valve as applicable before servicing
  • Never bypass any safety devices

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