French and Italian Unleashed

Travelers Find Romance -- and Steer Clear of Trouble -- with New iPhone Apps

Jul 09, 2012, 07:04 ET from Howard Tomb

NEW YORK, July 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dozens of language apps can help you find the train station or order a plate of pasta.  But Howard Tomb's four new apps -- Love in French, Trouble in French, Love in Italian and Trouble in Italian -- can help you make friends with attractive natives while taming rude waiters and scattering pint-sized pickpockets. 

"When you're in Europe and in love or trouble," explains author Howard Tomb, "you need sharp verbal tools at your fingertips.  A sexy accent helps, too.  Our new apps give you all that for 99 cents each -- less than the cost of an espresso."

And during the month of July, Love in French is free.

Love in French and Love in Italian provide a wealth of pickup lines, including the classics:

Could you help me find a single ray of sunshine in a universe of forbidding darkness? 

Protrebbe aiutami a trovare un solo raggio di luce in un universe do ostile oscurità?




I would be delighted to buy you a car and a house.

Je serais ravi de vous acheter une voiture et une maison. 

Every line is spoken by a sophisticated young native.  And in the grand European tradition, the Love apps also help you chat up your sweetheart's parents, order organ meats and deny your infidelity.  Bonus features include a "sweet nothing generator" and love poetry of the giants, including Dante and Baudelaire.

With the Trouble apps, you'll navigate with style through the inevitable misadventures of foreign travel.  Airline lost your luggage?  Trouble in French gives you the verbal flamethrower you've always wanted.  Vulgar Roman on your tail?  Armed with Trouble in Italian, you'll slice the pepperoni in seconds.

Learn more at Apple's app store or  Or download the apps.  (Love in French is free in July, and journalists can get promo codes for the other three apps.) 

About the Creators

Howard Tomb's "Wicked" language guides (Workman, $4.95) have sold 1.3 million copies.  In these new apps, he wields his verbal judo with the power of native speakers and the programming skills of Kevin Young.  Both are available for interviews.

On the Horizon

Other Love and Trouble apps are in the works, including Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.  (We will crush the infidels!  But first, falafel.)

SOURCE Howard Tomb