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Jan 11, 2010, 14:29 ET from FreshDirect

NEW YORK, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- FreshDirect delivers food that is fresher, higher quality and tastier, at prices that are up to 20% below conventional grocery stores, making eating right easy and affordable.

Healthy eating can be affordable and enjoyable (yes, nutrition can be fun) with the help of FreshDirect. With our proprietary Nutrition Sort that provides nutrition comparison of products, Daily Quality Ratings on produce and seafood by our experts on what's fresh and in-season, expert health tips from FreshDirect's nutritionist, shopping smart and healthy eating is a snap with FreshDirect.

FreshDirect's Nutritionist Offers Recipe for Good Health

As FreshDirect's nutritionist, Maggie Moon, MS, RD, guides customers on making healthier food choices. Maggie's Recipe for Good Health is a hand-picked starter selection of healthy snacks and meal suggestions chosen for their nutritional qualities, great taste and versatility. It includes a shopping list so you can add the items Maggie suggests to your cart in one easy click.

By working closely with FreshDirect's team of expert chefs, Maggie helped develop FreshDirect's Smart & Simple 4-Minute-Meal line. All of these freshly-prepared delicious entrees are under 500 calories and lower in fat and sodium. Additional 4-Minute-Meals that offer great nutrition include vegetarian meals by EatingWell Magazine and select New Indian meals from NYC's own Tabla, all housed in FreshDirect's 'New Year, New You' 500 Calories or Fewer section of the 4-Minute-Meals department.

Another helpful tool for the health and cost conscious is Maggie's weekly Nutritionist Picks. Part of FreshDirect's weekly savings program, these picks are hand selected by Maggie to help customers eat healthy on a budget.

"A healthy diet has so many benefits," said Maggie Moon, "and eating smart starts with shopping smart. With FreshDirect, there are so many ways to make living a healthy life easier for everyone in your family, every day."

Maggie offers on-site nutritional information to FreshDirect customers, as well as corporate participants in FreshDirect's "Smart Eating at the Office" program.

What's Behind That Label?

How much unsaturated fat is in an avocado? Is veal or chicken higher in protein? Ask these questions at your local supermarket and you could get blank stares. FreshDirect believes that all products should clearly display nutrition information so customers can make informed choices.

Nutritional content is available for every food item, including produce, dairy, meat, seafood and grocery, sold at Additionally, a Nutrition Sort tool is provided free to customers to help them make nutritional comparisons. With Nutrition Sort, one can shop by calorie count, sodium content, total fat or dietary fiber, to name a few. For those concerned with food allergies, a comprehensive list of ingredients is also provided.

Daily Quality Star Rating for Produce and Seafood

Quality is priority #1 for FreshDirect. Every item of FreshDirect produce and seafood is inspected daily by our produce and seafood experts and rated on a 5 star system. These ratings are updated every morning on our website to ensure that customers know what's the freshest and in-season.

"We understand that one of the biggest reservations to buying fresh food online is that you can't check the tomatoes yourself to see if they're too green, or taste the grapes to see how sweet they are," said Monica Woo, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for FreshDirect. "Our daily expert rating system is like having your own personal green grocer or fishmonger walk the aisles and make selections for you."

Limit impulse buying with Quickshop

With Quickshop, customers can reorder in minutes from their previous orders. This not only saves time and money but it helps limit wasteful, impulsive buying to keep customers' healthy lifestyles on track.

"With FreshDirect's fresh-dining chef-prepared nutritionist-approved 4-Minute-Meals for 500 calories or fewer, and expert tips and advice from our nutritionist Maggie Moon, we are helping our customers' not only shop for healthier foods but also live healthier lives," stated Monica Woo.

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About FreshDirect

FreshDirect is one of the nation's leading online food brands and grocery providers, known for its convenient home delivery service and the manufacture of fresh, delicious food. Changing the way customers shop for groceries since 2002, the company uses a direct distribution model with in-house, overnight production that cuts out the middleman and helps FreshDirect offer farm-fresh food at prices up to 20% lower than conventional grocery stores. Every product is 100% satisfactory guaranteed, every time. Thanks to expert daily ratings, FreshDirect customers can easily shop for best of the season in produce and seafood. Only at FreshDirect, the online shopping experience is highly personalized with smart shopping features that help customers track their favorites, remember missed items, shop from previous orders and get recommendations on new foods they might like. FreshDirect has also teamed up with top New York City chefs and restaurants to bring customers quick, restaurant-quality prepared meals, unavailable anywhere else. FreshDirect has fulfilled more than ten million orders to date. Its ever-expanding service area includes most of Manhattan, locations in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx, as well as parts of New Jersey, Westchester and Nassau County. FreshDirect ranks 62 on Internet Retailers America's Top 500 guide. For more information, visit

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