Freudenberg-NOK Earns Patent for High-Performance Quantum(TM) PTFE Injector Seal for Advanced Technology Engines

Apr 14, 2010, 08:00 ET from Freudenberg-NOK

PLYMOUTH, Mich., April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Freudenberg-NOK has been awarded a U.S. patent for an innovative sealing system that uses new materials and a unique shape to dramatically improve the performance and reliability of direct injection fuel injectors in advanced technology gasoline and diesel engines.

"A revolution is occurring under the hood.  An entirely new level of seal performance is required to manage the heat and pressures advanced engines produce, especially in turbo applications," said Matthew Chapman, market segment manager at Freudenberg-NOK.  "In these engines, small leaks that develop around conventional seals lead very quickly to total seal failure.  The seals literally burn up."

Freudenberg-NOK's new seal, which is an extension of the company's Quantum™ PTFE line, departs from conventional design in several ways:

  • The seal is made from a proprietary blend of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and carbon fillers for more than 40 percent increased thermal conductivity and more than 10 percent less thermal expansion compared with PTFE seals blended with glass fiber.
  • A unique self-energizing body design allows controlled expansion and deformation.  
  • An innovative "flip seal" design uses less material and improves ease of installation, saving critical assembly time.
  • The design is compatible with all conventional liquid automotive fuels, as well as with two- and four-stroke engines.  

"The new Quantum™ PTFE material and design improves the seal's ability to function under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure," said Freudenberg-NOK's Greg Daniel, product manager and co-inventor of the new product.  "Our design actually provides progressively better sealing as pressures increase."

Added co-inventor Raymond Szparagowski, director of technology for Freudenberg-NOK's Fluid Power Division, "We were able to leverage our experience as the market leader in PTFE sealing to develop a cost-effective and durable solution that will help automakers push the limits of combustion technology with significantly better reliability."

Freudenberg-NOK's innovation is well timed, because growth in the market for advanced technology engines is accelerating due to fuel economy and emissions legislation.  

According to Jeff Jowett of forecasting firm CSM Worldwide, 6.8 million engines, or almost one-third of all engines built in North America, will have direct injection by 2016 — an increase of more than 300 percent compared with 2010.  Gas turbo direct injection engines will grow by more than 225 percent over the same period, reaching almost 2.5 million units of volume.

"The rapid growth of direct injection and turbo direct injection is driving a wide range of improvements to engines, drivelines and fuel systems to deliver the best possible balance of performance, fuel economy, emissions and durability," he said.

About Freudenberg-NOK Quantum™ PTFE

The Quantum™ PTFE line of materials and designs provides cost-effective sealing solutions for the most demanding engineering applications. Due to its unique performance characteristics, Quantum™ PTFE can be used in a wide variety of markets, including aerospace, consumer appliance, medical, recreation, semiconductor and more.  Quantum™ PTFE offers a wide range of applications in the transportation and automotive industries, providing superior solutions in the sealing of automobile air conditioning systems, interior bushings, suspensions, brake systems, steering systems, gas springs, engines and transmissions.

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About Freudenberg-NOK

Founded in 1989, Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership based in Plymouth, Michigan, is known as a world-leading manufacturer of precision-manufactured products for a variety of markets, including automotive, aerospace, appliance, diesel engine, agriculture and construction, marine, healthcare and medical, off-highway equipment, oil and gas, recreational vehicles and semiconductor markets.

Today, Freudenberg-NOK is recognized by its global customers as a valued development partner and technology specialist.  A leader in innovative business approaches, the company was an early adopter of Six Sigma quality practices.  Freudenberg-NOK has earned the reputation as the benchmark in North American lean practices.

Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership is the Americas joint venture between Freudenberg and Company in Germany and NOK Corporation in Japan.  Together, Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies make up the world's largest producer of elastomeric seals and custom molded products.  Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership has annual revenues approaching $1 billion.

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