Friendly Folk Finder Fills Social Matchmaking Gap -- Helps People Make Real Friends in the Real World

Jan 19, 2016, 13:29 ET from Friendly Folk Finder

SPOKANE, Wash., Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Meeting people is a little bit easier with Friendly Folk Finder, a new website for people to cultivate relationships from within a safe, anonymous space. The site combines local search features with a unique approach to member profiles that emphasizes personality over other factors. Human relationships are an important part of everyone's health and wellbeing, and Friendly Folk Finder empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to interact with new people who otherwise might have remained strangers.

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"Think of all the homes in your extended neighborhood or town. With everybody racing through life to keep up with the Jones's, chances are you will never meet the people you could really hit it off with," explains Rachel Johnson, who together with Robert Johnson built Friendly Folk Finder from the ground up. "A lot of Americans don't even know their neighbors. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a tool that enabled you to cut out the hit and miss 'getting to know you' small talk phase and have the worthy and special people delivered to your inbox? Friendly Folk Finder is designed to do exactly that."

Intended for all ages, Friendly Folk Finder is remarkably simple to use. To begin finding interesting new people, users first register with the site. Friendly Folk Finder does not ask for photos or real names. Instead, user profiles include interests, values and personal history. Members can add as much or as little information as they desire. Once a profile is complete, Friendly Folk Finder's software generates a list of nearby matches with a corresponding score indicating the amount of qualities both members have in common. Should both parties wish to get in touch, the site provides contact email addresses.

Anonymity is a major part of what makes Friendly Folk Finder different from most social networking platforms. At the same time, the site encourages real-world meetups and friendships as the end goal of new relationships. Friendly Folk Finder is there to help forge the initial connection, and members take it from there.

The Johnsons are currently developing some new features that will help make Friendly Folk Finder even more appealing. First up is a feature that will allow people embarking on cruises to find potential friends going on the same voyage. 

About Friendly Folk Finder

Friendly Folk Finder, a new website and desktop app, gives people the power to build meaningful friendships with like-minded people – all while skipping most of the awkwardness that comes with getting to know someone. The site lets users exclude people with incompatible habits and traits, instead devoting time and energy to people worthy of attention and friendship.


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