From Dental Implants in Van Nuys to Teeth Whitening in North Hollywood, Dental Offices Please Savvy San Fernando Valley Residents

Valley-based Hamlin Dental Group is the leader in helping local mouths to look and feel their very best

Mar 27, 2014, 16:07 ET from Hamlin Dental Group

LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hamlin Dental Group is the place for a general/cosmetic dentist and orthodontist North Hollywood, Van Nuys, and Northridge have turned to for nearly two decades. That's actually a major accomplishment considering that San Fernando Valley residents are as image-conscious as any of their fellow Los Angelenos, and just as savvy about all the latest procedures and implements, from veneers and laminates to dental implants. Van Nuys might be about 11 miles from Hollywood, Northridge might be nearly 20, and area residents know that North Hollywood's name is a fairly major exaggeration, but that doesn't mean that residents aren't as knowledgeable about the importance of a bright smile in making a good impression – both in person and on the screen. Fortunately, Northridge dental implants, laminates, or teeth-whitening from Hamlin Dental Group can go a long way towards helping all kinds of people achieve their life goals.

Yes, people want to look their best in the San Fernando Valley area, but that doesn't mean the dentists and staff of Hamlin Dental Group don't focus on overall dental health or lack empathy with their patients. These dental offices are known for their medically sound yet low-key and pleasant approach to dentistry for the entire family, from preschoolers to great-grandparents. The dentists and staff people know that every patient is unique and has different priorities, and they adjust their treatment accordingly. Obviously, a 60 year-old CPA with a nasty toothache is going to have an entirely different set of priorities than a 25 year-old actor and model going out for auditions on a daily basis with crooked or yellowed teeth. The Hamlin Dental Group team prides itself on being able to cater to its very individualized patients in the most helpful manner possible.

Moreover, not all cosmetic dentistry is about getting acting jobs; people who have visibly missing teeth, for example, might have a hard time getting a position in any field, particularly if any kind of customer service is involved. Hamlin is also experienced in full smile makeovers that can often transform truly problematic teeth and gums into the most attractive smile possible. Patients often thank Hamlin not only for the outstanding quality of the dental work they receive, but also for the compassionate and gentle approach that has made getting even extensive work far more comfortable and pleasant than they ever believed possible. They also enjoy the sense of humor of many of the staff members.

So, whether you need basic dental work, implants to replace missing teeth, orthodontia, or just need an outstanding regular dentist for cleanings and check-ups, Hamlin Dental Group in Northridge, Van Nuys, and North Hollywood should be your first choice. To inquire about a free initial consultation, please call 888-400-8011 or visit The highly professional and friendly staff at Hamlin very much looks forward to hearing from you.

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