From Picking Rags to Picking Pencils

Jul 10, 2015, 08:16 ET from CRY

DUBAI, July 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Babusona, a young boy of about ten years of age, walks with a smile through the sea of dirt around him. He originally belongs to Kolkata, India but moved to the north western outskirts of the capital, New Delhi, two years back. His family is one of the many that form the rag picking community residing as a cluster in this part of the city. From sifting through garbage with his family to being excited about learning new things at schools, he has come a long way. It was only after CRY and its project Partner 'Pahal's' intervention that Babusona was enrolled in a nearby government school. His eyes gleam with confidence, and full of hope, he says, "I want to be a pilot."

CRY partnered with 'Pahal' and intervened in this community to work on spreading awareness on education and child labour by mobilizing the community and working with the local authorities. This is just one of the many such grass-root partners across the country that CRY works with, to ensure children break the shackles of labour and get access to quality education to pave a way for their bright future.

India is home to 400 million children; while many enjoy all luxuries and comforts, many aren't even familiar with the child in them. There are 10.12 million child labourers in India according to the national Census 2011. The numbers reflect the gravity of the situation as every eleventh child in India is working.

Susan Varghese, Head, Global Operations, CRY, says, "Child labour is an intrinsic problem and can only be eradicated if the root causes that force children to work are addressed. These include poverty, migration of families in search of work, lack of quality education, unemployed parents, etc. CRY, along with its grass-root partners identifies these underlying issues and addresses them by interaction with parents, community leaders, children's collectives where the importance of child rights, government provisions and the consequences of child labour are discussed. We ensure children get out of labour situations, are enrolled in schools and get quality education."

CRY partners with grass-root NGOs across India working in 23 states covering 127 districts. Children have the right to a happy childhood and all of us play a vital role in ensuring them this right.

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